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  1. Sure, it's virus and malware free. I downloaded a 100% save game and it worked just fine, not restarting the campaign. But after I tried new game on that save file it always restarts to a new game after restarting the game. P.S. It always shows that the game is online even though i start in the offline mode through launcher.
  2. Hi, just started modding TDU 2. Installed the game, unnoficial patch 0.4, carpack 1.8. Running through universal launcher. Everytime I start the game it says it's online, even though i start an offline game. But the biggest problem is everytime i start the game it always starts a new game. I dont get no errors about save files and all. Everything is in check in my documents/eden games. But everytime I untick Read Only it gets partially ticked after i run the application. Does anyone have a solution?
  3. Same problem here dude, havent figured out
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