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  1. Ah yeah, I just saw this morning they updated their site to say "we're undergoing maintenance." Alright that's good, I was worried they got shut down or something. WHEW
  2. Been playing this mod the past few days, and to say I've been enjoying myself would be a massive understatement. Reviving the online for this has brought back some SERIOUS nostalgia that I was worried I'd never get to fully access again. However, earlier today, I got kicked out of TDU2 due to a server shutdown or crash of sorts. That was ~8 hours ago, and I still can't get back in. And https://tduworld.com/ is down, too (or at least, I can't access the website [getting a "502: Bad Gateway" message]). Anyone else dealing with all of this too? I'm super bummed, I planned on playing nothing but this mod for the next couple of weeks. Anyways, hope everyone's doing well. Hope to see you guys in Hawaii again soon!
    I had to fight Windows 10 to the death to allow this through its built in POS antivirus, but alas, it works, and I can finally play TDU2 online again. It's been 8 years...
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