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  1. I had the fog issue with Patch 1.12, although I was using a copy of TDU I downloaded from a site called Steam Unlocked which was proberly the issue. I'm now playing with the properly installed version that comes from Thunder's youtube video and the fog issue hasn't been a thing since. Can report a new issue though, the one ebenmes mentioned where the game hangs up after finishing a race and all you can do is pause the game, and with the Fiat too nevertheless. Really enjoying this mod so far otherwise, you done this game proud.
  2. Fantastic mod, mainly registered recently to try this out since I been a avid TDU player back in the Xbox 360 days when the game was popular. Just got a few questions... 1. What does the whole "multiple prize cars" extra do exactly? Sorry if its been asked before but I don't feel like looking through 90+ pages. 2. I'm having what seems like permanent fog that never seems to go away, is there a way to fix this issue?
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