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    This weird site you uploaded it to keeps glitching and saying the link expires as soon as i click on it. How about mega, mediafire or yandex disk?
    It's great. I can finally run the game at 1920x1200 instead of 1680x1058 because it's better than 25 FPS now on my system.
  1. It started working again. But the game refuses to launch.
  2. It stoped working on me. It loads the database but everything is blank. I've tried running as admin. Here's a screenshot of the problem. https://imgbox.com/5BMFqjJe
    It sounds great. Can you made a sound mod of the 3UZ-FE?
  3. I chose to remove ALL traffic, rust rename the traffic folder.
    Just FYI you need to keep the old database folder unless you wanna do your mods all over again. I replaced it with the updated database folder and all my wheels swaps and slammed cars where gone, good think i have backups.
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