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    alpi11 got a reaction from Jkgo in [RELEASED] Test Drive Unlimited Platinum - v1.21   
    Hello Milli, I love your mod. Im preparing a lap times (Racetrack near airport) table in Excel. I have tried 369 cars so far. I have tried each car about 20 times ( No traction control, no assists, shifter with clutch). I'll drop the list when it's done. But some cars have unrealistic handling;
    1-Ruf ctr2 ; Very bad performance.. tires spin in all gears and the vehicle does not gain speed at all.
    2-Bugatti Veyron ; cornering performance very bad. 1970 charger turns even faster than veyron. Also Veyron Super Sport is turning very well but it doesnt grip the road.
    3- Everything is wrong with Murcielago lp640 & lp670 & reventon. Tires don't grip on to the road. The car is going like an RWD also no grip. Very underrated performance. Slr Mclaren & 722 is a little bit underrated too. 
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    alpi11 got a reaction from vit-jan0 in [RELEASED] Test Drive Unlimited Platinum - v1.21   
    If you trying to make it better please update, because instead of listening to me you oppose but I just feedback to you . And no not hardcore mode, it is normal game mode with all assist's are off. Im driving automatic for automatic cars. Driving paddle shift for paddle shifting cars. Driving manual+clutch for manual cars.
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