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  1. View File PlayStation Dualshock Button Prompts This mod replaces Xbox button prompts with PlayStation The only area that does not change is the DLC purchase screen. I left all files used to create the prompts if you would like to alter anything. Submitter vgbayek Submitted 03/22/2023 Category Tools / Others  
  2. Version 1.0.2


    This mod replaces Xbox button prompts with PlayStation and also fixes a vanilla tdu2 bug where the German flag is upside down on casino leaderboards. Installation PACKED GAME Drag and drop the PSController files into your game directory. To uninstall, simply delete them. UNPACKED GAME Drag and drop Euro folder and replace. To uninstall, drag and drop the euro folder from the uninstall folder and replace. Notes I did not bother trying to retexture "lowres" because these textures are only used on the lowest the game will go. (600x480) If you want to make edits, all of the files are in the DDS folder. The only non-working area is the DLC purchase screen; if you want to try to fix it, the files are located in /DDS/dlc/.
    The DBS and the California sound AMAZING! It would be really cool if you made one for the zonda cinque or the zonda f
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