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  1. This is TDU Platinum mod file not the car/Acura NSX GT wide body kit mod i mentioned...
  2. I see thanks , I managed to fix rim and the camera via TDUF and vehicle manager. Any good reference for car physics I feel like my brakes is inaccurate. Thanks in advance
  3. I'm trying to install this Ford GT 2017 mod and i find a note inside the rim folder with this message : Suspension Height: Before 165 / Back 165 To list the proper suspension height of these values in the DB(TDU_Rims.db) - 235;50;19;315;50;20; (Discs come with their tires) What does it mean how do i that? Thanks in advance Edit: I tried copy paste and editing it via vehicle and data editior still big rim and and offset camera
  4. Where are the locations of the Red Rabbit shops and also i tried installing the Ford GT 2017 mod rims too big ,rear wing animation not working and camera not proper how to install with Platinum? Thanks in advance.
  5. I just skipped that specific car delivery mission. I see didn't notice that. Thanks for the info
  6. Is there only one Red Rabbit cloth shop in the game? Is it possible to add car mods by Rulezzz or other modders
  7. How do I fix massive FPS drop during the Plymouth delivery mission? I'm having massive FPS drop at almost 3 km of the destination normally I have 60 fps during this kind of mission. Thanks in advance
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