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  1. Hi I have a question. There was mentioned on first post that thre is 800 cars but only ~50% listed. How i can check all otheres hidden vehicles? That cars are accesible by tuning existing vehicles or can be unlocked other way? Someone can explain how it actually works?
  2. So if i do not have manual backup of my save game before and i already entered the game... it means i my save will be permamently broken?
  3. Well basically some "Rust" game servers data was permamently lost, building do not burned to the ground. But it is natural that everything else is currently shutdown and whole server structure need to be moved or reorganized. It doesn't mean that TDU server is lost.
  4. You play on online or offline profile? Server is currently shutdown. I can't tell for sure but probably the reason why is this: https://www.reuters.com/article/france-ovh-fire/blaze-destroys-servers-at-europes-largest-cloud-services-firm-idINKBN2B214W
  5. Thank you for your answer. EDIT: Is it a reason? Im sure that server was hosted by OVH. https://datacenterfrontier.com/ovh-data-center-in-france-destroyed-by-fire-all-staff-safe/
  6. Hi, Did you notice any problems with Project Paradise server right now? I cannot connect to the server.
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