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  1. Thanks for the reply Milli! I was just curious. Having a hard time with a few motorbike races so I will just have to work harder on my biking skills. Girlfriend and I are still plugging away at it and we both just absolutely luv the Platinum version soooo much! She's actually accomplished a little more than I have with her profile (darn it lol) so I have some work to do to catch up to her. Unfortunately she's better on the bikes than I am when cornering but I'm learning n studying her techniques hehe. She says she knows little old ladies who rides better than I do on the motorbikes lmao. Gotta luv her! Lol
  2. Hello Milli! I was wondering why I can't upgrade any of the motorbikes with the Platinum version?
  3. Hello Milli! The girlfriend and I just wanted to say a "Big Thank You" for everything you have done with this Platinum Mod and with the latest update. The girlfriend and I are both newbies to this game and have been playing the original game throughout the winter months and she stumbled across the Platinum Mod and we were both a little nervous about downloading the Platinum Mod for this game but we are both sooo happy that we did. We are enjoying this Platinum Mod immensely for the last week and so far everything looks great and works perfectly. The only thing I have noticed so far when using her profile is when she tried to buy swimsuits lol. The swimsuits are invisible and when you buy one the character becomes invisible. Mind you we don't really care that much about the swimsuits because who really drives in a swimsuit lol but I thought I would mention it. Besides that everything seems absolutely awesome. We can only imagine the endless hours it must have taken to put all of this together and because of that you have our deepest respect and love. We are having soooo much fun playing this game. The only other problem I have ... is getting the controller from her hands so that I can play too hehehe.
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