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  1. Hi. I recently have been into modding TDU, and this website has been my go to site when finding solutions to problems and in general, to learn how to mod TDU. I would like to dedicate this post to all of our modders especially to iLLusion, Milli, Djey, kristiannn, and many, many more, that has inspired me to learn how to mod TDU, and now, i am starting to mod TDU2. I experimented with combining TDU2 textures with iLlusion's Island Paradise mod. I also patched a lot of textures from iLlusion's Island Paradise Autumn and Winter Add-ons, kristiannn's Hawaiian Bliss Mod, and Milli's TDU Platinum Textures. I used Djey's powerful TDUMT! And a bit of Photoshop. All credits to our greatest modders, even those whom I havent mentioned! Let's keep this game timeless and alive forever Please do note that I do not intend to upload any part of this texture mod or as a whole mod because most of the textures are not owned by me (for my personal use only) and so, I do not have the rights to distribute it. Here are some of the few other texture combinations that I have made (i created around 5 to 6 separate CommonWorldDiv.bnk files all using different texture sets) If you have feed backs i would greatly appreciate. Again, thanks to this wonderful community
  2. Thank you! I can now extract tdu2 Ibiza vegetation textures to be moded to tdu1. You're a saviour
  3. Hello, can you please point me to the MiniBNKManager? I cannot find it anywhere. Thank you
  4. Thank you so much!! Cheers! I wonder if you have the "No Shadow", fix too?
  5. Hello..i know this is an incredibly old post. But can someone please provide the working link to the no Shadow fix file? I need it badly. Thanks
  6. Hi i want to replace the car files (.bnk, Exterior and Interior) for the Ford Focus RS (TDU Platinum, with latest patch), but i cannot find it in the vehicules folder (i dont know the file name, sorry), the only Ford Focus i found there was the SVT. Could someone pls reply the file name for the bnk files for the Ford Focus RS? Thanks iin advance!
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