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  1. UPDATE: So I was messing around with some mods and installed the C.T.R. Physics mod just to test it out. After installing it I decided to try the bikes and for whatever reason they now work normally (albeit with modified physics). The only thing that mod changes is the Physics.cpr file, however comparing the Physics.cpr that I was using after installing TDU World and the original file in my backup (original, unmodified) shows they are identical. For some reason UP 0.4 and TDU World together cause an issue with the game reading the vanilla Physics.cpr, but somewhere in the C.T.R. Physics modifi
  2. Any update on this? I just recently installed TDU2 from Steam, plus TDU World and UP 0.4 and when I try to ride a bike the entire front steering assembly (forks, wheel, handlebars, etc) spins wildly or doesn't exist at all. When this happens the bike can drive forward and back, but does not steer. Alternatively just the wheels disappear and the bikes gets stuck in the ground with the engine revving to the stratosphere. The only other mod I have is a tweak to the frim values to pay out more, but I reverted that and the issue still persists. Considering the unofficial patch hasn't been updated i
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