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  1. Test Drive Unlimted Public Beta Vol. 1.0 PS2 to PC Port

    Hello everyone. To celebrate the upcoming 15th anniversary of the TDU Public Beta PS2 June 28 Build on June 28 2021, i finished the Public Beta PS2 to PC Port lookalike. As seen on the Trailer:
    //Test Drive Unlimited Public Beta Vol. 1.0 PS2 to PC (Port Lookalike) Build June 28 2006
    - Initial release
    - This mod is based on TDU game version 1.45A
    - 1.66A is not compatible
    - For the best experience, start the mod with a new user profile
    - There might be bugs
    - PS2 like downscaled graphics, downscaled everything that was possible to not make the game look too bad, to match PS2 Public Beta resolution
    - Public Beta elements such as music, frontend sound, all sound elements from public beta
    - All Multiplayer / Club Races / speed challenges converted to Solo events, the Map is huge now in terms of events
    - All visuals (hud) from public beta
    - All Radio Stations from public beta
    - In short: Everything that was possible from Public Beta, to match it as close as possible

    - Either replace / copy paste / override all files inside "Test Drive Unlimited" Folder with your stock / vanilla 1.45A installation
    - Or just drag and drop the Test Drive Unlimited folder for example to your Desktop and run the game, no installation for the mod is required

    //Credits and thanks to:
    - Tesrella, for providing his Tools to exract PS2 Public Beta's game files, his MHPF Tools .PCK unpacker and his FISH Tools .tla unpacker
    - Djey, for providing his TDU Modding Tools (TDUMT / TDUMT II) aswell as his Database editor
    - Knyazev, for providing his Texture Converter Tools
    - The Dev's from Melbourne House, for creating such a great game, including this Public Beta Build

    //Copyright "AMH" Atari Melbourne House 2006, June 28th


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