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  1. aaa~ tons first, one of the most cute thing i've ever watched: Mameshiba!!! uwaaaaa sugoku kawaiiii 30 m sec. short animation, you can find in youtube, 20 ep. peeping life, i watched just 3 seasons, short ovas as well, like 3-5 min, comedy. an amazing ova called Death Billiards Otona joshi no anime time, ova ,josei, four stories, very very good, about love and life, some melancholic some others filled with comedy. old school movie called Riding bean with a style of action movies from the 90's. kotonoha no niwa, the recent movie of makoto shinkai, i was surprised, this is my fave movie by him. More Gintama!!! huhuhuhuha i don't want to finish this series ever! good to know i still have two more season to watch osu! another old shool ova Gakuen Tokusou Hikaruon, this is very much like Sentai, well the suit is all sentai, but just one character, is bit a dark ova because of the kind of violence you see here, ((the guy is such a bishie )) ,a short ovat but with a very good plot. Shin kujakuou, you can find two alternative version of this serie, shin kujakuou (2 ep.) and Kujakuou (3 ep) around 50 min. each. Historical and supernatural plot, but is definitely a strong content, monks, warriors, ninjas, nazis, rites, gods, demons. Evil is meant to be for them, exist since the ancient time, father, mother, Twin brothers, fated by a curse, but, there is an option, where evil can fight evil. It was such a good series of ova, i am in the second version.
  2. Hi hi! long time eei~ not much to say just working hard, to Make It Better, Faster, to Make them stronger, More Than Ever a busy Hour, After and after, Our Work Is Never Over , never over!!! Thanks Daft punk!

    1. Diablo


      same, busy working and schools

  3. I believe broken madoka and I will love to watch the new anime Meganebu! megane everywhere~ official website:: http://mgnb.tv/
  4. Shigeru


  5. oh no, I can't watch that again too much, though I have to watch the movie.
  6. sankyuuu~~~ eudemon! now, hakuoki, Tokyo earthquake 8.0, natsume Yūjin-chō, Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! madoka and sao = on my list D: i'm worried! maa it's ok if its good
  7. hmmmmmm for those I can barely recognize that I watched, like angel beats or air, with air at the end was very very touching, I cried a little. But if I had to mention THE anime that really made me cry like a little baby was Wolf's Rain , and, it wasn't the only one I could mention gintama, (yeah gintama..) escaflowne, saint seiya, Dragon Ball Z, Fruit basket.. there is so many
  8. thoooose i'm willing to watch hayateeeee :3 hayate is one of those i wish to watch because of he humor, or that's what I think is about =p I also finished some as well, the devilman movies (three of them) it was good! but very very gory D: my fave was devilman: the demon bird (oh very GAR) x-men ladies vs buttlers nyan koi! - this one was sometimes funny. vassalord: it was ok, is not that charming as the manga. the amazingly insane anime: Sexy commando gaiden: sugoiyo!! masaru-san cleanup princess! fufufufu
  9. Atsui~~ atsuiiiiii !! painfully a-t-s-u-i~~~~ gamandekinaaaaaaaai

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Shigeru


      ahhhh so so~~~so~ and necromimi gaman!!

    3. Necronomicon


      muri muri, zettai muri nanda

    4. Shigeru


      singing: ore no taiyou ga atsui kara~~ morimori woo woo~~ yo-ro-shi-ku! yo-ro-shi-ku~

  10. tsk tsk i haven't heard that song yet!
  11. aww you have to tell me which one! please, is a Otsu song? or, is wo ai ni? gintama's songs are really good.
  12. Ootori kyouya from ouran shizou.... :r sun glasses count too! i haven't meet that Shoichi in reborn but i'm totally happy to see the reborn characters with glasses (artbooks and calendar). te-hehe
  13. oh oh oh this is i TOTALLY LOVE megane they get moelized with and without!! i have a thing for megane boys overall men in suit + megane kyaaaaaa look what BrokenMadoka make me say girls are really cute too, the clumsy-shy megane girl is too much xD hmm now to answer your question.. yeah i have fav char who wear glasses (shinpachi, kyouya, Natsuki Usami..) and i like too when i see some character i like so much in a fanart wearing glasses or for some reason within the anime/ manga they have to wear glasses. Eudemon got some moe points
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