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  1. Bit late to the topic, but the main thing would be the race/speed/timetrial events as they were in TDU 1, just races scattered across the map rather than all being tied in a bunch of championships. Hated that in TDU2. And make them repeatable for the same cash reward. In TDU 1 I did the island time trial for 1 million to get money, in TDU2 I had to do a ton of casino to get the stuff I wanted. It'd be fun if you could tune the looks of cars like in NFS, and to some extend FH. The return of motorbikes. For some reason I like discovering roads better on motorbikes. Also, if there's off-road again, dirt bikes would be neat. Allow people to use DLC offline. It's stupid I paid good money for the casino DLC and the motorbike DLC and I couldnt use either after the servers went down. If it has storydriven content, please make it have a better story than TDU2 which was simply horrible. I liked the way in TDU you could do the white icons driving people around for clothing and the races, delivering packages and cars for money. It worked. I feel TDU2 emphasized the fashion aspects a little too much, and I don't care for it. (especially annoying in FH4, hope they steer clear of that way) Surely can think of more but this is enuff for now....
  2. Thanks for this TDU World, after having bought the DLC and then being unable to use them offline, I was pretty psyched to see this, and being able to enjoy my motorcycle again. Now..., the only car I've ever wanted in a game is also the one that is never in one. A '94 Toyota Starlet. On the off chance that could ever be represented in a game I'm posting it but I don't expect it to be possible. On a side note, any ETA on the casino being added to TDU World?
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