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  1. 1.66a but I was able to solve the problem in a surprising way. Well, all you have to do is ... run the game by simply TDU and not TDU Paradise Launcher xD. So the topic is closed, but thank you very much for your willingness to help
  2. unfortunately this method did not work Edit: I found out that it is possible to take such a car in the rental shop which ultimately causes the game to crash
  3. hey i have problem with tdu platinium. it looks more or less like i have invisible cars in showrooms that i can't buy. I found information that the reason is that the game is above 90 fps. That's why I tried to set these 90 or even 60 fps with various programs but it did not work. Vsync is on all the time and also does nothing. The best part is that I played this mod a year ago and I didn't have a single problem with fps. Is there any way to fix this?
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