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    BrokenMadoka got a reaction from Diablo for a blog entry, Guilty Crown Lost Christmas(剧透注意!)   
    Spoiler! WARNING!!!!!!
    So I just finished this game on last sunday, it felt like I just finished an action movie. This game is awesome and you wont get bored while you are playing it! But I recommend you to click on the Auto mode, there is nothing so boring that you may wanna skim through it and go on. I mean, really, you dont wanna miss any keyword, right? And there are some battles in the game, I believe you dont want them to stop in the mid and click every time the characters do something.
    PS: I am not promising everything mentioned below is completely corret, you know... play by yourself and get another feel of the story!

    So the game starts with this wonderful scene, the night of Christmas eve(Oh eve and Eve!)

    Then after some moments it's another wonderful scene!
    燃起来吧!话说后期一直这么烧感觉和地狱差不多~( ̄▽ ̄~)(~ ̄▽ ̄)~

    Then our main character shows up and kills these guys! Impressive enough huh?

    And this lady shows up too, who are u huh? Never see you before.....(Actually when I rewatch the OVA I saw her show up twice.. completely forgotten lol~)

    What a good smile. Anything happened? Seems like this lady can control the crystals.
    乃看上去挺开心的样子啊,发生了什么好事吗?(by忍野咩咩) 于是这货似乎能控制结晶,比如用来做盾什么的。

    Never take your time to quarrel with a lady... so let's run away from her, yeah! And then this guy(guy?) shows up! What the **** are you yo!!!

    Hell no!!!! u wanna kill me!!!!!?

    Lol~ Let's call her the first "Inori" ~~

    It's a great pic! But actually it is not in the CG Library.

    Here you go! Flashback! Imaging when you wake up and some guys are saying "this is a failure...".... But our main character kun losts his memory so he dont care anyway.
    中间那脸太萌动了……好吧……于是主角似乎是个失败的实验体……没能成为真的王……那个黄发正太称他为 伪王 之类的……

    Congradulation! You had learned skill "killing people with your right hand"! Well, seems like any creature he touches with his right hand would be crystallized.

    Lol ~ how can you run away and get in the right room yo? So the girl introduces herself, she's Carol, and btw, she tells the character his name is Scrooge.

    But when she realizes that Scrooge-kun doesnt remember her, she's so disappointed. Yo Scrooge-san! what did u do to her!?
    两个人似乎在以前曾经有过一段什么……hmm~~~ 不简单的关系哟

    AH~~~~~ Mother Carol ~~~~

    Anyway, our prince is taking the princess out of the castle. wow~~~ a gaint stops them! kill him, prince!
    其实这里不是该是某水管工带某公主出去然后遇到某怪兽么.... 好吧,咱们博学的公主桑说他是王子那就是王子吧~\(≧▽≦)/~

    Oh wow~ what a wonderful weapon~

    Lol ~ Hi ~ Mana ~ Shu~

    So the prince and princess are looking for more about the setting of the story..lol.... And they eventually found Shu's father!

    Here they mentioned that only kids who are under age 7 have void, since the virus was arrived on earth 7 yrs ago. Also, void is kinda like the soul of a person, so once it broke, the person who provides it would die. So here are some problems, Carol is not under age 7 and she can unlimitly providing different void, why?

    When they realize they should help Shu's father.... he's dead already....

    So that's the first time this lady shows up, she says her name is Present. A present of the lost christmas( I am not sure if she says "lost"..u ! go check it out!) ... and one of the three Christmas Ghost.

    Then Scrooge asks why the "Present" is the first one to come but not the second. And this guy(the same person who controled the one attacked them before) just comes up in a perfect timing, and Present says Scrooge had met the first one already, the "Past"!

    Ah~~~~~~~~~~~~~Mana~~~~~~~~~ dont cry~~~~~~ What happens next is mentioned in the anime....

    noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! dont destroy the church!!!!!! plz!!!!!!!!

    Well.... luckily, Scrooge found Gai.... so Gai has one CG !

    Hmm.... I just found out... it is Past protecting Shu... oh my tears....

    Now, lets go back to the beginning.... that's scary... when you pull out babies like that from one's breast....( actually it does make sense?) And Carol is soooo happy and says " that's our children!~“

    Finally, they realize it is almost impossible to deal with the ENDRAVE that Past is controling, so they decided to find Past, the human.

    Ah... so she's Past.... any comment?
    男主表示 这货就算他们不动手也离死不远了吧...

    But sadly, although the real Past had died now, her mind is still inside the ENDRAVE..... Carol "that's the real ghost" .. btw, she is yelling "child! child !!!! my child!!!!"

    oh wow.... looks so powerful...
    大招... 大丈夫....?

    weapon show!

    Are u sure u are ok, Carol?

    AH... whatever... After Scrooge and Carol deal with all kinds of troubles, it is near the end.... Eve is singing....( for real? the sound it makes is brainwashing.... )

    Carol !!!! ah~

    Ah... so you are crystallized either? Anyway..... she wants Scrooge!

    But you fail!!! lol!!! Scrooge belongs to Carol !!!
    女主→Present “未来没有选择乃”

    bye bye...Present..... why cant u use another weapon..... well.... dramatic enough...

    So after Present becomes the past... Scrooge asks Carol if she's Yet To Come..... And now Carol is going to explain everything....
    Carol" I am not Yet To Come, Yet To Come is the one who fight with you all the time... "
    well.... so Scrooge and Carol were required to mate(←yea... that's should be how it is said) with each other.... and what happens is that Carol's uterus was crystallized, and their child/children is dying and living continuously inside her uterus (←I dont understand it either... can someone explain?) Overall, what it means is that the unlimited void is provided by these children... and each time the weapon broke.. the child died...
    于是虽然不是很明白...但总之就是他俩以前交配后导致女主子宫结晶化....他们的孩子无法生出来....只能在子宫里等死? 于是提供void的都是他们的孩子。。嗯。。。真是痛苦的故事。

    The normal ending is that they decided to destory the world~ ( of course they didn't...in reality)

    The True End is they decided to save the world....

    Wow .... a rose..... have a wonderful life! see u!!!
    啊。。女主“什么嘛,原来想做的话还是做得到的嘛。。” (泪奔)多好的孩子……
    what's the point of writing all these stuff...?
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    BrokenMadoka got a reaction from Diablo for a blog entry, ~( ̄▽ ̄~)(~ ̄▽ ̄)~4/14/13   
    O口O 水印放上去了大丈夫?→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→↑
    ~( ̄▽ ̄~)(~ ̄▽ ̄)~嘛 表示到处看east asian studies的时候发现的 感觉萌爆了
    ~( ̄▽ ̄~)(~ ̄▽ ̄)~好吧人家才不要和乃住在一起……别打扰大自然……
    T▽T+ testing
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    BrokenMadoka reacted to 獅子座の影子 for a blog entry, ゆるゆりラジオ カウントダウンCD三時間目 & 魔法少女リリカルなのはThe MOVIE 2nd A's(超特装版)   
    P.S. 每次上來都要放一篇blog才放過?
    是說最近都沒錢買東西→ →

    ゆるゆりラジオ カウントダウンCD三時間目

    魔法少女リリカルなのはThe MOVIE 2nd A's(超特装版)
    Amiami附送的電話卡,好像真的可以用O O。。。


    立刻把3小時的Party IV給看了
    姬樣太壞了www 一起在欺負奈奈www

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    BrokenMadoka reacted to Diablo for a blog entry, New phone, KTV, skating, food festival etc etc   
    (there is an issue with gallery image phrasing, please right click and open new tab to view the images for now)
    Just bunch stuff in no particular order
    newest iPhone 5 (funny thing is right after we ordered it, apple announced 5S

    And whatever happened, my whole family just switched from free phones to smart phones (my parents use samsung, me and my sister use iphone)
    some of you were curious
    so i took some screenshots from the KTV events

    Ice skating in the park in the city, the contrast between nature and the city is beautiful

    A squirrel is having a sun tan

    An American anime shop

    Korean style dinner

    Did a temporary part-time in a Manga store

    Japanese food (sakura blossom) festival

    We waited more than half hour in line for yakisoba (fry noodles) and it was sold out
    so we bought okonomiyaki (vege-pancake) instead
    By the way, that just reminds me of a moment from K-ON
    there was once they went to the mountain lives, and Tsumugi was so looking forward to the yakisoba
    but when they got off line it was sold out too
    just some recent purchases

    love the gift clock came with the magazine

    at last, here is a beautiful sun-set picture from today's festival

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    BrokenMadoka reacted to 濑田宗次郎 for a blog entry, 1-3月战绩   

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    BrokenMadoka reacted to Diablo for a blog entry, Sword Art Online Portable   
    The game is out for few days now, and I just started playing it (too much things going on and so little time)
    For those of you who already watched the anime
    It's kinda long if i have to write what happened, so basically
    After they beat the final boss (game maker) at 75th floor, system error occured
    most skills, items are lost and they stuck at 76th floor and decided to finish off 100 floors
    according to one of the spoiler videos i have seen, the error caused the loss kirito and asuna's marriage data
    so in the game you can aim for a different main female character
    my subject is of course asuna hehe
    about the system, kind of obvious, unlike the anime, upon death your char goes back the the last save point
    note that if you partner dies, it's also game over (happened to me once with asuna, not sure about other char, probably same for all main chars)
    attacking and defensing is automated, I can see this serves two points
    one the console (I have an old PSP 2k) won't be able to support full 3d battle
    second to keep player from bored out (from clicking the attack button n times in every battle)
    instead you get to use sword skills and battles skills, and communicating with your partner (e.g switching, healing, attacking from the back..)
    although I only played it couple hours (bit slow too, because it is in Japanese, I read a little slow and once a while find a word that i don't understand, but i still glad that since i started taking jap classes now i'm able to play jap games with no problem)
    anyways, already feeling a decent game, really looking forward to continue playing

    here is their official home page for the game: http://swordart-online-game.channel.or.jp/?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=direct&utm_campaign=direct
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    BrokenMadoka reacted to Shigeru for a blog entry, K Project [Review]   
    K - Review
    I just watched this anime, i was waiting for it since the announcement and with expectations. These were exceeded?

    Story ✯✯✯✯
    Certainly K has a intrigued story, you find yourself following actions that will lead you to the "what's going on", not the whole story but to get the moment. In this advanced society, beyond the not so political presence, the world is influenced by seven kings, each king posses a color that define his powers, level and kind, in some of the cases their mystical personalities. Those kings have vassals, they may be blessed with power to help the cause, their intentions: some raw, some mysterious. Seems like those kings also belong to a unique group with their people, that sets the rules of ones with unnatural powers, which they must respect and be apart from involving the innocent people, after all the kings fight each other for many reasons. That's when one of our main character, Shiro, make appearance, he, undoubtedly being involved in a crime, chosen to be the target of one of the most violent king, the Red king. But he's not the only one looking for him. In This story you don't know what's going on till the very last episodes.
    Characters ✯✯✯✯✯
    This is one of those series that doesn't start by "hello my name is x, and I am x" as the story begins in the middle of something, same happens with the characters so the first thing you know about them is what they do. Is a lot of characters to start with, hard to know or judge at first sight but it definitely influence you, at the end of the first moment you want to know more about them. I think the characters are easy to read at least their intention but not what they want. Kings, vassals, students, and a neko girl. Some characters wear the cliché, but in a good way, some other just brake the cliché, they are just not what you think they are. With some others you really can't tell what's going on with them, their reason behind.
    Art ✯✯✯✯✯
    I've never look for quality in animation, hard to say that some anime series can surpass that, why's that? I think is not just about improving animation and details, I think is also about what are you showing and the way animations does, that combined with the story telling is a team winner. The design & background of this anime is amazingly beautiful you feel how the society in K is visually advanced and engaged with it. I especially like the way it shows you the characters, you can tell that the situation and actions are normal although during that event, something else is happening out of normal, there is when how slowly shows you the supernatural powers and how are they being managed at the same time introducing the characters, dialogues, and more questions, about the story.
    One of my favorites moments is when the personages are involved with the dusks, morning, closed spaces, the light is just so much beautiful the mix of light with colors and the reflections, is not the most detailed animation, is just simply nice to see that kind of effect all over them.
    Sound ✯✯✯✯✯
    I liked the sound, when the character's showing, fighting or in those minutes of climax of the plot, there's always a exciting music or song molding the instant. During the fights, the music, a theme song does not hold back to embrace the moment. The sound effects are impressive, since the fighting requires a precise execution with the length, effect and that combined with the animation is very enjoyable. Overall the soundtrack is always in harmony with the humor of the plot and characters. The voice acting is delightful! some of my favorites seiyuu were there, so many talent in this K project and that was a pleasing surprise.
    Enjoyment ✯✯✯✯✯
    Having expectations is not good at all, but is not about knowing what you want to see, is about to expect full enjoyment, then somehow something will impress you. That's how I feel about K, except for the trailer I didn't knew anything, but was enough. I really enjoy this one, I could not stop, I watched every episode one after another, nonstop! although is a anime filled mysteries and a kind mythology, is not heavy to watch, easy to devour. I think is helps that part of the first episodes is basically a persecution and you feel part of it, chasing to get rid of that incertitude around the characters.
    Overall ✯✯✯✯
    is a very nice anime, filled with a intrigued plot where you think you figured what's going on, everything twist more and more, so many characters to enjoy, girl and boys as well, even the less important personage is very nice, I remember this student declaring his love so passionately to the girl who's friend of one of the main characters, and you can see that move a couple of times, so cute, making both of them blushing each time they face each other during the whole series, kyaa.
    I had so much fun with K I do recommend this to anyone who likes supernatural powers, where you can find personages with the most sadist fighting face to the most cute and clumsy personage. Is a story about pride, lost, power, loyalty, mysticism and friendship.
    Please take a look to this gallery with screenshots of K ->

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