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  1. So I've managed to install and start TDU 2 on Steam OS/Linux using the universal launcher by knyzaisnverervev or something, but it hangs at a black loading screen with the roteting loading thingy on the lower right corner. I've read in the Steam Forums that this has something to do with the Game trying to create a save file in a location that would work on Windows but is not existent on Linux. So I've tried pasting an old save of mine in all possible places but i simply couldn't get it to get past the black loading screen. On the ProtonDB Website, it says here that some people could get it to work by pasting the save file somewhere, but they didn't specify where that was, which isn't exactly helpful. Long story short: How can i get TDU 2 or even better TDU World (which is optional) to run on Linux/SteamOS?
  2. I'm using the german version of windows. I'm going to try that version rn, wish me luck Nope, still doesn't work.
  3. @binbowHelp, i did everything according to this tutorial but everytime i click on "done, save" in the settings i get the error shown in the picture. How you can see, every path involved in this only contains normal characters, no spaces, nothing. What am i doing wrong?
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