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  1. Hey guys For 10 years I was wondering why my favorite car was cut from Test Drive Unlimited. That is very sad. Anyways. I got my hands on a pre-release build of TDU some days ago and got it running in Xenia. I even got the normal retail versions of TDU running in Xenia. I explored the build for a couple of days and now I'm going to tell you about what I've found. First of all, cut fully playable cars that are not playable in any other version: (working everything, inclusive sounds and gauges and LODs, 100% finished, with the highest possible TDU quality) Mazda RX-8 Mazda MX-5 Wiesmann GT (the coupe, always hangs around in pictures in the german independents dealership) There are more cut cars, more on that later. I also found out that the Ford dealership was intended to be a FORD/MAZDA dealership. I can only speculate what the Japanese Imports dealer was supposed to sell. Cut playable cars available in certain versions: Lamborghini Diablo GT (Previously Xbox 360 exklusive, Volume 6 DLC) AC 427 (Previously PSP and PS2 exclusive) Many cars that were made available with the megapack are available in this build. Though the Alfa Brera and Cadillac CTSV are only 99.9% finished. I am able to bodyswap all cars, so I'm able to drive the cut cars, it is just like modding TDU on PC in the early days. This even works on the retail version, to my surprise. I know which cars were finished by May 2006. Some Missions crash, some work. 60% of all car delivery missions have different cars (dlc cars) or just differently colored cars. There was a boat tour mode cut from the game which sadly results in Xenia crashing. I am also in possession of the infamously unreleased Volume 6, I don't get the DLC to work in Xenia. Comparing the PC version, the Xbox retail version and this beta is very interesting, a lot of the stuff is the same. And to top it all off, something that sadly isn't in my possession yet When you mod TDU on PC, you know there are some slots that are locked/unused. Yeah. The cars were ALL finished and somehow weren't imported into a version that ever saw the light of the day. Some examples inlude: 1963 Corvette Stingray Chevrolet Cobalt SS Audi A3 V6 N (whatever this is supposed to be) Hummer H1 Hummer H2 Hummer H3 The pictures show them in-game, in a mode called CARSHOWCASE. This mode works in the beta but is almost completely broken. I wonder if there's a debugger hidden somewhere, but I'm not that talented lol. I hope you had a fun read. And I hope I don't mess up, uploading the pictures. If you're interested in helping me port the RX-8 and the MX-5 and all other vehicles to TDU on PC, I won't be the only one extremely irrationally happy about it Have a nice sunday
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