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  1. What about an external plugin? Something like the ASI Loader script, "GInput" for the GTA classic trilogy? The advantages for this, is it wouldn't touch the keyboard mappings (allowing a simultaneous input between gamepad and keyboard+mouse), and the triggers (Z-axis + and -) would respond simultaneously letting me brake while throttling (a problem from DirectInput), apart from covering the rest of features from the console support, like vibration (and not just for 360's, but maybe even for DS3). Please, man. If not in this patch, at least on another mod you or maybe someone else create, inspired by the mentioned script. Anyway, thanks for your help
  2. Look. I don't mean to annoy but, owning a 360 controller and having to settle with keyboard (because I can't afford a wheel)... I just dunno how Eden Games, porting this game from XBOX 360, didn't bother to bring the full-blown XInput feature from the same version, if we all know there is XInput support for Windows. If you can manage to fix that issue on further upgrades, I'm sold!
  3. My bad if reposting is not allowed, but maybe this issue could be solved with an upgrade for this patch instead of Platinum mod. EDIT: Can't even map triggers to gas and brake
  4. Uhm, what I mean is an entire XInput support: - Proper Z-axis behavior (simultaneous response between - and + unlike DirectInput) - Deadzone improvements or advanced settings (at least in binaries). There's practically zero, wich makes car steer by itself when joystics drift. - Force feedback and Rumbling - XBOX 360 GUI prompts (optional but convenient) That's what I'm talking about. I know there is a certain support for controllers, but it's sort of clunky, at least for the 360 one. Just can't enjoy the game like that, and I see it unfair from Eden Games, since they could import that whole XInput optimization from the 360 version.
  5. Hello guys, I'm new here. Some years ago I tried Gold Edition, and I liked the whole ecosystem of the game. I wish to get back into it, but I don't have a wheel nor I don't like to hangout with keyboard. So, I wondered why PC version doesn't have XInput (I own a wired 360 controller)? I mean, there's a 360 version of TDU. Is that pretty hard to even create a tweak to port that whole support to the PC version, so I couldn't see anyone for years? I think I'll have to choose TDU2 instead. Out of it, you made a pretty nice work with Platinum.
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