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  1. 12 hours ago, Milli said:

    Unlikely. You might experience traffic glitch.  TDU is old, and was not made to run above 60fps. Lol. For some reason. 

    Doesn't TDU have a 75 hz monitor selection? I haven't played the game in a long time 

    1 hour ago, Blueberryerry said:

    Doesn't TDU have a 75 hz monitor selection? I haven't played the game in a long time 

    Look what I found


  2. 8 hours ago, Milli said:

    Use the 4gb executables provided in the patch 1.12

    The reason why that happens is not because of your computer, but an issue with some cars and the original tdu.exe. 

    Original TDU.exe can only use 1gb of ram memory, and some cars, like that R33, have some bug that causes a memory leak (will be fixed in the update), which makes the .exe need to use beyond 1gb of ram.  Once it asks for more, the game bottle necks it, causing that issue. 


    With the 4gb executables, that memory usage gets bumped to 4gb. I won't say it will completelly fix it, but it sure will take a LOT longer to happen. 

    Thanks, completely forgot about that patch. I can finally beat the race.

  3. Hi, I have a problem.
    If I play Tour of the Island at the 30-40 minute mark the game either slows down or straight up freezes between 2 frames and replayes it. I'm running an RX-580 at HD which could be a problem for such a medium graphics card, even though it runs at 50 fine. I've even played the game for an hour, this only happens at this kind of situation, endurance levels.
    Heres an example of what happens:


  4. 59 minutes ago, vit-jan0 said:

    You have not addressed everything what I have mentioned, but your description may suggest internet issue which possible solutions (i am aware about) i have described in previous post. Regarding read-me.  file, i have the file named "ReadMe.txt" which contains this. I meant that it is important to follow especially this part: "check the GameSpy ID case and NOT TO CHANGE YOUR EMAIL OR PASSWORD OR YOUR SAVEGAME WILL BE RESET!". If you wish, PM me if you have questions to what i have suggested.

    Thanks for the file, I should be able to fix the game.

  5. 15 minutes ago, vit-jan0 said:

     offline profile plays ok and online says "connecting" kind of message. It may be the issue with the internet, firewall (removing TDU from it, or adding it manually, temp. disabling antivirus, firewall - i know it is bad idea under some conditions) or you may try to use different internet - a VPN. For example protonmail.com has free one.

    it says that the online profile says connecting and wont do anything, I let it attempt to connect (might be because im from a country with bad internet) Also can you please specify where to find the "read me" file from the paradise launcher

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