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  1. i see, googled that upon realizing, opened everything but still no change. i guess it was just down to my inaccurate gamespyid details, oh well, I tried. Still be very enjoyable offline ... a very big thank you and shoutout to all the modders who make this possible with their massive efforts. my apology i don't know most of you since i got into this game really late (years after it's been out of its glorious days) but yeah ... i can feel your passion and efforts, you guys rock from Australia
  2. i've added pretty much everything and i don't use any anti virus except windows defender (when it reactivate itself after i disabled it LoL) wonder if it needs port forwarding or the like or need to open certain ports
  3. Hi, obtained a physical TDU DVD just now. fresh install, tried the game offline and worked fine. then installed platinum v 1.00 then updated to 1.21 hoping to get online but stuck at connecting to game server and the process frozen, can only release it by logging out. any tips? or is it not possible to go online now? Win11 on "recent" specced PC thanks very much in advance ps. not sure if "correct gamespy id details was entered"
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