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    wait, where did you got that Group C Peugeot?
  1. you can replace to any car. Chiron, Regera (if you interested to try something like first gear only hypercar), One:1, Veyron, Huayra, Zonda, etc. before you replace the file, make you sure you've bought the car first you don't have to download the Megapack. they already available as secondary files in vehicules named as : 2_Cien.bnk 2_Cien_I.bnk
  2. so, you visited Italian Classics and it always crashed the game when loading the models? Here's the way to fix it 1. Open Euro>Bnk>Vehicules 2. Find these files : Mas_GT.bnk Mas_GT_I.bnk 3. Move these files to your backup folder 4. after you've done move these files, open the game and visit Italian Classic 5. and finally, the game didn't crashed. Q&A Q : Why Maserati 3500 GT model won't appear? A : because you moved the files to your backup folder Q : What causes the game crashed when visiting Italian Classic? A : the Maserati 3500 GT caused the game crashed, it probably the model has some error parts which is failed to load although the model perfectly shown when you showcase 360° another car beside 3500 GT. Q : is there any car which has a same issue? A : yep, the Shelby Daytona. it was in V1.0, it has been fixed, and it's available as car conversion through Shelby Cobra 427 upgrade
  3. there are 3 upgrade options each of "Mclaren" upgrade choices the first one is for longtail version the second is for GTR conversion the third is for LM conversion i have smart idea, if you want superfast Mclaren F1 GTR. buy Cerbera Speed 12, it's very stable at high speed when turning copy and paste these files, it can be found in Vehicules folder : Mclaren_F1_GTR.bnk Mclaren_F1_GTR_I.bnk then, rename them into : Speed_12.bnk Speed_12_I.bnk don't worry, it'll named as Speed_12 (2).bnk after you renamed them don't forget to put the original Cerbera Speed 12 files to your backup folder. so, you can recover the original model later (don't forget to delete "(2)" name on files to avoid game crashing) after you done, play the game and you'll see the Cerbera has replaced into F1 GTR with lowered suspension. why the interior camera has weird POV? because it's Cerbera's camera interior (i still don't know where to find to replace camera POV interior) why the sound is different from F1 GTR? for that, do a replace file method. you can find it in sounds>vehicules wanna change the HUD? replace the file, it can be founded in FrontEnd>HiRes>Gauges hope this help you :3
  4. When i discovered vehicules folder i saw Audi_A4_DTM.bnk and Sixteen.bnk files I'm shocked to see two cars that was only available for XBOX 360 in there. But, when i replace with another vehicle files. I got different car model, Sixteen was replaced into Bentley Continental GT if i remember because the file was modified in 2010 or 2013 and then Audi A4 DTM was replaced into RUF CTR2 which was modified in 2012 and then reworked in 2021 I downloaded XBOX 360 iso and extracted it. But, i got AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folders only. I really want to drive them in Platinum. Can we get the original files of them as 2_Audi_A4_DTM.bnk and 2_Sixteen.bnk in next Platinum update? :3
    the game is amazing. but, when i visit Italian Classic dealership. it crashes the game but, hey. can you add race car conversion please? such as Super Touring, GT300, GT500, etc.
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