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  1. Questions0 are never dumb,but the answers (sometimes)

    When you say "setup the input settings" do you mean options like "turn right", "accelerete" and so?

    If so, i did it, but getting problems like: setting "turn left" then turning the wheel left and getting "left arrow".....

    Or setting "accelerate" then pressing the pedals (yep, all...) and getting...nothing

    Pluggin in the wheel and then start the game....honestly at this moment i can't answer.... I'm almost sure i started the game the plugged in the wheel....

    I'll have a try this evening and post the result.

    About TDU supporting the wheel i know it (i've been playing TDU for long time with the wheel),but this time i installed TDU ans patched to platinum directly,so i was wondering if the problem could be the platinum patch.

    Question: i suppose you're running windows 10 (at least),like me. For the G27 are you using the standard win drivers (is recognized like G27) or did you find some specific drivers (i tried,but found nothing)?

    I'm asking because even if win10 recognizes the wheel as G27,nevertheless if i try to calibrate it,i get no answer from the axis; just the buttons.....

    Well, i did as you suggested (connect the wheel then start TDU.

    It seems it worked.

    Nevertheless,i got problems with the pedals: they don't work.

    No way the make the OS (nor TDU) see the pedals .

    I checked the pots and the wires,everything seems fine. Used even a contact cleaner on the pots and all the connectors.

    Nothing to do...

    I wrote to Logitech assistance,let see wath they say (if the answer....)

  2. Hi all.

    After 12 year,i found my G27 sleeping in a box and decided to install my old TDU. Then I found the Platinum patch,downloaded and installed.

    At the same time,downloaded and installed the G27 patch.

    Unfortunately,there is no way to usa the G27.... I checked the "Use wheel" box in the option menu,but no way to have the G27 working.

    Any idea / suggestion about and how to fix the problem?

    I was thinking to uninstall TDU and reinstall the "normal" version (no platinum patch) and see what happens,but before doing it maybe there is something i can do.....



  3. Hi all.

    About 15 years ago i got TDU. The game seemed to me very....involving, and so it was.

    Then I decided to get a wheel system, and got the Logitech G27 

    Then, for about 12 years the G27 is being sleepling in a box (life issuea....)

    Past week, i found a "box": my old G27; next to it, the TDU dvd....

    Before installing,surfing the net I found the "paradise project",then downloaded the platinum patch and other files.

    Finally,installed TDU and patched....

    Now i wouod like to spend some good time oike 15 year ago.....

    That's all.....

    Thankyou for your great work,guys!



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