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  1. I-Robot has already become a reality mate, just on a very smaller scale. Ok so thousands of robots dont walk down the street every day, climbing buildings and what not, but the fact it was all spured on by 1 adavanced program can come down to small things in our life at the moment :eek_blue:
  2. Lmao, shame april fools day ended 24 hours ago (to when i post this ) , the jokes on them :excited: (thats if it was intended to be a april fools joke that is) What are the system requirements? Windows XP/Vista (Mac and Linux support coming soon) Internet Explorer 6.0+ or Firefox 1.5+ with the Google Toolbar Round-front or elongated toilet providing at least 1.0 gallons per flush Use of automatic toilet bowl cleaners is not recommended I'm having trouble installing or using TiSP. Your internet connection should be working within one hour of GFlushing the sinker. If you still aren't online after that period of time, your toilet may be clogged. Please flush three more times, then check your online connection again. If you're still experiencing problems, drop eight mints into the bowl and add a two-liter bottle of diet soda. For further assistance, please visit the TiSP Help Group. LOL
  3. Im sorry but people are over ctrical of this console, you really dont see what you get untill you buy it, i mean comeon 360s when they first came out, cant truly remember the adsact price, but lets say they were £250, ok add the price of a blue ray dvd player (150) and there you have you £400. Plus the ps3 is SO much more user friendly. Headsets for an example, you can use ANY usb headsets on the ps3, you can use ANY bluetooth headset, even handsfree kits for phones. Im sorry you get alot for your money. And to who ever said that the physics of motorstorm are rubish, OH COMEON! the physics are the best part of that game, they are super, its not a realistic racing game. As many people have said, when the 'first' pile of 360 games came out, they wernt all that good, it took the developers time to get the true feel of the system and use as much of it up as possible, you wait untill the second wave or 3rd wave of ps3 games, and thats when you will see the diffrence. Please, stop being over critical of this console untill you have owned one.
  4. Why when from tescos your get the console , 2 games , plus 2 blueray dvd films for £489
  5. Got paid today and thought "ill have a look in tescos too see if they have any in stock" (5pm firday) they had 5 left, so i couldnt pass the opurtunity up. And my o my im luvin it. Its a PSP turned big lol. Any internet site is searchable like a psp. (almsot on psp) No subscriptsion for internet play. Blueray = AWSOME, Black Hawk Down on 42" HD Tele, on blue ray, you cant beat that. So lets sum up, blueray dvd drive (bluray vdv players are around £150) a brand new console, 2 games and 2 blueray films. all for £489 , very nice deal. Recommended by Allmighteh :)
  6. Well adding a bit more on the compensation discussion, i work in a solicitors office, the main cases we deal with are RTA's cases (road traffic accidents) and i must say with that type of accident mate you should of got alot more than 10k. I mean with a whiplash injury that lasts around 5 months, can get you around 3k, so a Broke a leg, arm, two ribs, and whiplash, i would of said could of got you a hell of alot more than 10k.
  7. Sadly this is the final episode of the series :cry: been a great series though.
  8. This is an eiry one for me , i was on that train, came from crewe to stockport (2 of the many many stops for the london euston virgin pendalino train) i get this train every morning to work, and that night id been at a friends , got the LATE train back, i can guarentee some of those passengers who were aboard when i was, was going to the end of the rail. Scary it really is. Sure it was due to bad weather conditions. I sure will be more warey of getting on trains in bad weather, this train has been cancelled many times due to high wind speeds. Hope all those injured in the crash will be ok.
  9. Hey guys , looking for a little guidence here, as im currently loaded with cash :excited: im now looking at a new monitor. Minimum Specs : TFT 19" HD (HD is a must be) Can be bigger than 19" but thats minimum Price atm seems no object. So what do u say guys, gimme sum ideas! (also please use a well known shops, not any local ones that are un heard of :) ) Thanks!
  10. Copy cat, just about to do it on my lunch break :stinks: theyre calling it the greatest episode yet.
  11. Must admit i think i enjoyed that episode the most out of all so for. Supurb episode i say!
  12. Guys i dont think u understoodwhat he meant. Heres what i think he meant. On the xbox when u go onto your map and see the red cars on the map, and you wanted to find a certain person on your friends list, you use the friends filter right? well on the pc , you dont have a friends list so the friends filter will therefor be useless. I think theyll just add a friends list, not hard todo.
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