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  1. It has been announced that the crew will be free in June along with goat simulator! What more could you want in life! Of course you'll need a gold subscription and it's only available on the Xbox! Sorry everyone else! link to full article here: Xbox Games With Gold for June offers The Crew, Goat Simulator and more | Polygon
  2. Baldy

    Post a Pic of Your Latest Purchase

    I'll leave that to your imagination
  3. Baldy

    Post a Pic of Your Latest Purchase

    [ATTACH]25902[/ATTACH] Ignore the side ways photo but this makes chips/fries taste incredible!
  4. Great work! Glad the issue was found and fixed!
  5. Baldy

    Top Gear Series 23 [Trailer]

    I'll pay for it if I have too, I'm just a cheapskate!
  6. Baldy

    Top Gear Series 23 [Trailer]

    It'll be worth a watch, not many shows on TVs these days that I'm interested in watching so this will make a change. Do we know if the Amazon one will be screened on TV at all?
  7. I'll show you all when I next go on my computaaaaa
  8. Try each one and see what happens, if it's traffic that's the problem have you got a road or traffic mod?
  9. Can't you just turn the mod off?
  10. Anyone still playing this? I find myself on it for hours when I have nothing else to do!
  11. Baldy

    BBC Top Gear [It's back!]

    Yeah but we pay you millions of pounds!
  12. Baldy

    Happy New Year!

    New happy year! Best of all to members that of old and new. I hope all you that have best of the 2015 and leave troubles of any regarding 2014 back past in the and most the make ahead year. !yojnE
  13. Baldy

    Personality Test: Which one are you?

    I'm a INFJ, I'd say it's quite accurate too You are one of the Diplomats - an empathic and idealistic individual who enjoys exploring interesting ideas and prizes morality. You are known for your deep thoughts, strong will and intuitive skills.
  14. Baldy

    Happy Birthday Oh Mighty One

    Day birth happy you to. Have a hope you day good enjoy and merry be plenty of drink bru irn eat and snowballs tunnocks a Scottish old good celebration for! The best all!
  15. Baldy

    Post a Pic of Your Latest Purchase

    One of these! (Not my photo)