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    is Tom Kristensen :D


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    CoD4, MW2 and stuff.
  1. Aquila DK

    Car Spotting: What You Saw Recently!

    Saw a Bentley Continental GT yesterday, and a few days ago a Maserati GranTurismo :)
  2. Not planning to :D
  3. Are you doing this to us again? Dx
  4. :hmmm: ... Nah. :p
  5. Aquila DK

    Your Best Car So Far ?

    Haven't played it much yet, so my favorite is still my first car - the Lancia Delta Integrale HF. I really like it! :-)
  6. Aquila DK

    I have to stop doing this to you guys!

    Good to see some of the "oldies" are still here!
  7. Aquila DK

    I have to stop doing this to you guys!

    I'll try staying active this time, I promise! :D
  8. You are? :hmmm: Better get you out of the morgue then :cheeky:
  9. I am, you don't seem to be :p
  10. Hey guys, I know last time I returned I promised to stay and failed, but because of computer issues and my memory having the same value as gravel, I didn't actually stay. This time I've come to change that! Most of you guys have no idea who I am, so I guess an introduction is suited. I'm Daniel, I registered here at the birth of this forum. I used to play too many video games, but don't anymore. I don't have XBL gold at the moment, as cash is quite low at the moment. I hope some of the old-timers are still here. And don't worry, I've already bookmarked the site! :D
  11. So Andreaz, are you still alive? :D
  12. Aquila DK

    Not that guy again!

    Holy moly, it's Baldred! :O I'm pretty sure I have you on my MSN, Lwsbrck... Not sure though :) But I remember you :D
  13. Aquila DK

    Not that guy again!

    Thanks guys, it means alot :3