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  1. TDU Central Club is please to announce three candidates for the Vice President role. The Queen Iced_Bullet Pressurized Please vote now who you would want to be Vice President for the TDU Central Club. This vote is open to all forum members.
  2. I'm glad the cruise went well. Loz can I have the names of the members that went to add to their tally. Thanks.
  3. The new rules are updated. Anyone who joined the club house or added to the waiting list will keep their place. Also your tally of cruises are kept too.
  4. The first part of the rules update complete. New changes: grading system removed.
  5. Sorry guys I've been busy with work over the last few weeks. These spells of absence are going to be more frequent with new work commitments. For this reason you will be pleased to know the grading system will be removed. The club will still be unlimited members but it will now be run more closely with club house members. New rules will be updated in the future to explain how the club will be run. It will be good news as there will be more freedom to club house members. The top priority is still to get the club house upgraded so more members can join. We urgently need a vice president and a voting system will be used. Cruises will be going ahead once a vice president is chosen. Thank you for your patents as the club goes through the changes. @Iced thanks for filling in as I was not here. ;)
  6. Good one Iced I'll be working late so will not be able to come have fun and remember pics. ;)
  7. Sorry for the wait for the points I've been busy with work and should have them up by the end of the week. Also there will be no cruise this week we may do a turn up cruise so keep a eye on the main club thread. This is where we get together for a random cruise sometimes.
  8. This event is now full look out for the lucky Jim post. @Mb I have my hand on the ejector lever if a grade 0 or above wants to join I have to pull it. @IDprofile sorry to hear about your Grandparents.
  9. I will add you to the list for now be aware the grading system is in place for this cruise so you may get ejected. :eek:
  10. Beetlemania cruise Thursday 24th March 2011 @ 8pm GMT Type: Cruise Road Rules: Hardcore Road Rules Restriction: Higher grade has priority Vehicle: VW Beetle only Island: Ibiza Meeting place: South of the Airport. Description: Cruising Ibiza with Hardcore Road Rules and Beetle racing after for anyone that wants to stay longer. Members:- 1.S71NG3R 2.Mb 3.Iced_Bullet 4.Pressurized 5.eXile 6.jonestheman 7.a242j 8.The Queen
  11. The top priority over the next few weeks is upgrading the club house. To get more people in the club house it needs to be upgraded. This will take time but the club still functions the same without the club house. We are doing events weekly so look out for the next event in the next few days.
  12. Here are the points for this cruise:- 0002 10pts 1042 10pts 0003 10pts 1006 10pts 1050 40pts Best Driver 1009 10pts My pics:- http://i269.photobucket.com/albums/jj58/S71NG3R/C19.jpg http://i269.photobucket.com/albums/jj58/S71NG3R/C20.jpg I just managed to grab a shot of the Fire Engine that spookily stopped right next to me. I was unable to use photomode at the time. We were stopped for a minute of revving in honor of the crisis in Japan. Then the Fire Engine just stopped right next to us. http://i269.photobucket.com/albums/jj58/S71NG3R/C21.jpg Thank you to everyone that took part.
  13. Nice work eXile that must have taken hours. My 5 min look took over an hour after I needed to undo something more than 1 step back much too often. The only answer is start all over again. :rolleyes:
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