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  1. RB26DETT

    I-Phone 3Gs

    funny that they just added features from 3rd party jailbroken applications. still not worth the upgrade though, i'll just get the free iphone 3g, not this one on july when my 2 years with my provider is up.
  2. RB26DETT

    What Game Is This?

    NFS ProStreet :cheeky:
  3. RB26DETT

    In game chat text too small!!!!

    adjust your in-game resolution?
  4. boo! my laptop is fixed.
  5. RB26DETT

    NASCAR::whats sooo good about it?

    i watch nascar and i do enjoy it but i'm not a die hard fan. i like the sense of speed and overtaking and the sound of those v8's. mmmmm... v8...
  6. Sounds good, see ya laters then. ;) And congrats to 5400 posts :cheeky:
  7. hey. i'm doing fine. same old. just got my uni report card yesterday, really good grades. :) reason why i'm not on MSN is my laptop is dead. gonna have it fixed tomrrow. later. ;)
  8. HA-HA! Guess no one cars about this then.
  9. RB26DETT

    Best car you've ever driven?

    well driven can be used in the phrase "been driven in" which he probably thought this thread was about.
  10. The Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway This is such a great highway comparing it to roads and other highways in the city.
  11. Hey, how are you? :p Haven't seen or talked to you in ages :(
  12. I am so getting this. No more searching for old Playstations and a copy of MGS on the internet! Source: http://e3.gamespot.com/story/6211613/metal-gear-solid-infiltrates-psn-june-18
  13. i play sports. tennis and basketball.