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  1. Wow, they look photo-realistic. You got xfire, Ten?
  2. Nice high poly interior, will be giving this a download I think ;) Good job mate. Still love your Supra Model, best you've made.
  3. That looks amazing mate, just like the photo I sent you. Really tidy job, all it needs now is a sound mod with some VTEC kicking in, yo!
  4. Really nice screenshots, if you were to look at those as thumbnails you can pass them off as real photos. Awesome shots.
  5. Just to clarify, none of the dogs died, they all survived. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1309135/Puppy-throwing-girl-Grandmother-saved-dogs-struggling-water.html
  6. Even though the trailer for the game looked awesome, the cars handing capability looked extremely poor, some parts in the video where the cars hit each other and bounced off, and the way they took corners didn't look all that great. Why are so concerned about how the characters look? I wish they paid more attention to detailing the island and adding environment details or car related customizations than worrying about how we look in the game. The damage in the game didn't look serious, just looked like the damage we did the traffic cars in TDU1, I hope you don't earn stupid amounts of money where paying for damage is a walk in the park, but if they do plan on making it easy to earn money again, I hope for more things we are able to spend it on, petrol for instance, I'm sure someone posted a screenshot of the HUD in game with a Petrol dial, so hopefully this will be in the game. Even buying new tires after shredding them up from driving around would be awesome. I know it's the firs trailer they've released, but I'm just saying I hope that what I mentioned is capitalized on.
  7. I hope they don't ruin TDU2 by concentrating on things which don't matter such as clothes for your character and other silly things, since on their website there is a poll which asks if you'd like to see more designer clothes in the closet, what the hell?
  8. Game crahes after intro credits when I installed this.
  9. Derp. http://i96.photobucket.com/albums/l184/MadMax2506/Photography/2photooftheweekcopy.jpg
  10. ---------- Hello, are you that admin of the TDU-C on Xfire division? ---------- Yes I am.
  11. Fair play tool, I don't often download any of these mods. But this, it caught my attention. Great model, crap sound from atari. Don't know if it's just be, but with the default sound given to the RUF RGT, it sounds crap from the cockpit, bonet and no cam view. It sound crackly at points and I can't even hear the engine just air. Any sound releases for this car?
  12. Why have you taken the pen tool over here face and body? Erase parts so it looks like it is circling around her instead of just siting on top of her ;) There is no focus with the signature, make a new layer>Apple Image and blur around the focal point.
  13. Hello, are you that admin of the TDU-C on Xfire division?
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