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  1. Yeah even if the servers do come back now my computer doesn't recognize my Xbox 360 controller anymore :(
  2. I'm willing to go, but can't guarantee I'll be there on time or at all since that is pretty much the afternoon for me. However, I have a much better chance showing up at this time than really early in the morning. OnlineBeenFace does bring up a great question. How will we connect considering no one shows up on the map at all? And is there more than one Cadillac dealer you can show up at? The fact the servers have been down lately aren't helping either.
  3. IS anyone having server trouble? I can't get in for the past hour and a half:(
  4. That be better for me. An hour earlier means I can't guarantee that I'm coming. Now I'm more likely to wake up. Will give you a heads up ten/twenty minutes before the event.
  5. I can try again next weekend, but seeing that 10AM GMT is 5AM in Boston, I'm not making any promises
  6. I'm about half-way through expert level and pretty much if I get to championship within that time, I'll install Steam and let you know I'll be there :D EDIT Ahh it was 10AM...thought it was 10PM...woops
  7. Getting to championship level isn't that hard; rather it's boring..I got mid-way from pro-level to expert in two hours. I
  8. I might not be able to make it, but I'll try unlocking H mode anyway lol
  9. Depends what time tomorrow..btwI haven't unlocked HC mode yet but hopefully that's okay. Are we using xFire or anything just in case something happens?
  10. Me too, I just reinstalled TDU1 because I missed it; been a while since the last time I was on TDU-C
  11. I probably won't buy TDU2 until the patch actually comes out...
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