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  1. Hey fellas! Well, i was a longtime player of TDU 1 but other things came in between so i just got hold of TDU2. I'm not really happy about this...I can't join any multiplayergames! Is it because my NAT settings are "Strict: Symmetric"? I've tried every guide to get the NAT to change (opening ports etc etc) but it refuses to work. Is that why i can't join multiplayerraces? I've tried them all, ranked, unranked, whatever...Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. That looks awesome :) My kidbrother as a Nova (or Corsa as they are called in europe!). But his is stock, 1.4l 55hp, lol :) But nevertheless, fully loaded with 5 people + luggage we drove from Malmö, Sweden to Utrecht, Netherlands :) It made 165km/h on Autobahn! Uhm thinks thats about 100mph :)
  3. Brilliant! Now can anyone tell me where the gasstations are? :)
  4. Nah I never heard it was solved? There's soo much cheating online that its barely fun running any challenges...i run one actually and one it by a hundred of a second :) But for the most part there are 10mile races that the cheater has done in 5 seconds....whoopie, soooo amuzing....
  5. Yeah, yeah, yeah, its Technical Sport Kit :) But i couldn't fit it in my sig, those cars are old anyway :)
  6. Ehm...just curious...what makes that a Superleggera? As you can see above, the wheels are dense thinspoke wheels in a grey tone, maybe the Alfa GT, 18" wheels would fit nicely? And until we can properly edit paints so that we can have the superleggera-text on the side (yeah i know its an option, not every superleggera has it) and we can edit meshes to add the wing for example, i'd be more happy if you'd just call it a modded Gallardo :) Nice try though ;)
  7. I agree on the Alfas and the 355 Spyder! Just lovely car! But the mercs...Hmm :) J/K, just that i don't like mercs at all, like i did a model-mission where you had to have the SL 65 AMG, so i bought one, tuned it to stage 3 and it made like 270km/h...Slow, dreadful, steammachine-like performance, and yet it had 750bhp :S
  8. Well don't you? Anyone who feels pointed out? Are your sure? You? HERE'S A GOOD OL' BALLKICK from a noncheater... Courtesy of all non-cheaters...
  9. And noone buys my Limegreen Koenigsegg stage 3 for 700.000, the cheapest there is...
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