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  1. That's worked a treat and up and running now, cheers mellors
  2. Hey mellors, thanks for the quick reply... I honestly didn't think of doing that, but then only been on my xbox half a dozen times in over a year lol.. I thought they Wouldve sorted the servers out this time round... Is there major problems or just over demand?? Was only gonna go cruising with a mate ( that sounds very George Michael and hampstead Heath type thing lol) Btw like what you've done to the place. Only on I phone so can't see full effect but it's good
  3. Hello all, it's been a while... Picked up the game today and got home installed to hdd and d/l the 2mb title update, so far so good... Then pressed start game like it tells you to and says no save found pressok (A) to create new game so pressed (A)... Then just keeps doingdifferent views of cars and scenery and nothing...:confused: Went back to dashboard, unistalled game from hdd tried again and same thing...:confused: Any ideas anyone?? Rather annoying as waited ages for this and can't play... Wish my 1st post back was a more positive one about the new game
  4. Happy birthday Nodz!! :)

    1. "it got a bit crazy and I lost my pants" rofl. Great trailer, looking forward to getting my hands on both DLC on disc when it comes out
    2. Bit of everything tbh. Been to the Happy Bar in Varna opposite New Yorker Clothes Shop. Went to Golden Sands twice, Varna beach, walked through the park (I wont try and spell the name but its the massive one with the aquarium and zoo which we never got to). Went to Varna Mall, top floor of thats the nuts with the arcade, bowling, roller disco and casino and its open til 4 in the morning. Then went to a few resturants in the village next door which was good. Really like the food out there aswell its got so much more taste to the crap we get back in England. And I got pulled over by the Police at night on our way home aswell, just for one of their usual checks on documents and that.

      1. Nice. You've been to some resorts/sights or just in the area you have a house?

        1. This is the specs of my PC: Case : Thermaltake Tsunami Dream Black Aluminum Case with Window PSU : Corsiar 1000w MoBo : Asus P5Q Premium CPU : Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 2.83GHz Cooler : Asus Silent Square Evo Ram : 4GB Corsair Dominator DDR2 PC2-8500 with Fan GPU: Sapphire HD4870 HDD : Samsung Spinpoint 1TB Monitor : Samsung A656 32" LCD TV O/S: Vista Ultimate 64 bit And my Laptop which I got yesterday: Acer Aspire CPU: Intel Dual Core T4200 2.00GHz Ram: 4GB DDR3 HDD: 500G Optical Drive: Blu Ray player/DVD re-writer Screen: 15.6 HD CineCrystal LED LCD 16:9 O/S: Vista Home Premium (32 bit iirc) All the usual wireless connections and bluetooth and a webcam and loads of other stuff I'm yet to discover latest being a HDMI in/out Not bad for £400
        2. Yeahit was really good, going back next year aswell. Didn't even get to do everything in the massive park or go Buba's fish bar. I really enjoyed it

          1. Yeah, got back 3 days ago. You've had yours in Bulgaria? :)

            1. Hello have a good holiday??

              1. Have you downloaded itunes onto the comp you wanna share it to and authorised you account so songs you downloaded can be played on it??
              2. Try independent garages as they are normally cheaper than quick fit. Also at independents you can buy "part worn" tyres, they still have legal tread just not brand new. Normally off cars being scrapped or people who change both fronts when only one needs doing etc
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