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  1. I might go along, but I don't know how busy I'll be that weekend.
  2. We're slowly introducing Fibre Optic here, but it's taking a very long time. I get 20 GB a month, and if I'm lucky I'll get >60kb/s download speed :( (oh, and I'm using Chrome)
  3. While you're talking about web browsers.... Sorry for OffTopicness, but thought some of you may appreciate it. :-) Also, I'd like to thank Mellors for that DesktopEarth thing - Windows doesn't recognise it as a DT Background, so doesn't take it away! I finally have a Background again!
  4. New Zealand didn't lose a single game either, we just drew them all :P
  5. Mini (Oldest) http://dragnew.files.wordpress.com/2009/12/p1010070.jpg Kaylee (the iCat) http://dragnew.files.wordpress.com/2009/06/dsc00563.jpg Fozzy (Youngest, very new here) http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc3/hs594.snc3/31302_1497917487998_1235958465_2637988_6837707_n.jpg
  6. Excellent! Perhaps it was a car that I actually like? :D
  7. I'm assuming this was the Club-exclusive that Diablo spotted when he was at Eden but was not at liberty to name at that time?(please excuse me if this has already come up)
  8. 8/10 Awesome trailer, but it needs polishing. The use of Vivaldi (Baroque music, not classical (sorry, music nerd)) was cool, as it was an extract from "The Four Seasons". Could this mean something about weather being perhaps seasonal instead of just random (Hell, this could already have been announced, and I missed it)? Yes, I know, I'm probably reading too far into nothing :D Anyway, good trailer. Getting me (more) excited about this game.
  9. ^What it used to be ^What it is now (Dad tried to update, without knowing the... source of the OS)
  10. ^Me in the orchestra pit for a local production of Spamalot - Bloody Funny show! I was principal rehearsal pianist, then played the Keyboard 1 Book for the show. ^Me in another orchestra pit, this time for A Little Night Music, where I played Trumpet, Tenor Horn and Baritone Horn. I also sat next to a guy who played Bari and soprano saxes, hence the Bari Sax in there.
  11. I usually have a fairly clean tone (Glass AmpType, fairly high gain and volume, EQ tends to be well rounded, with a little more bass and mids than highs (I tend to play more rhythm than lead) and the master volume fairly low - I play in a small room most of the time) with a little reverb through the amp, and any other effects are added through my Zoom4040.
  12. I use Elixir strings as I have very acidic skin, which causes most other strings to rust like crazy. I've got the 15W version of that Vox amp. Very nice!
  13. I have: Yamaha YTR6335 Bb Trumpet Selmer Paris Piccolo Trumpet Stagg Rotary Fluegelhorn Beale Upright Piano Riha Organ (piece of crap, have an Allen at church) El Cheapo Classical Guitar Ashton Acoustic Guitar SX Vintage Series Electric Guitar Gretsch 125th Anniversary Electromatic w/ Bigsby Various Drumsticks and soft mallets (Percussionist, not a drummer) El Cheapo (very popular brand) Snare Drum and a 49 key MIDI/USB Keyboard running through the Free Edition of Hauptwerk
  14. Not "driving" it yet, but hopefully (if I'm accepted into the course) within the next few years I'll be hooning around in one of these
  15. Andy Wilman's View on the whole thing
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