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  1. Qualified 4th on wet tyres, it's not raining :eek: Edit: Oh wait, they realised I was an idiot and put him on hard tyres :D
  2. I do indeed still exist :hi: I may have forgotten to check my fuel strategy last race, so my 2 stops turned in to 3 when I ran out of fuel :oops: I'll be online for the race this Sunday though, so hopefully I can do a bit better!
  3. So it looks like I never posted to say I would join but that's me :)
  4. If you could avoid bumping threads older than a year in future, that would be great :)
  5. I like the look of this pack, as always there are a few cars I can't help but think "Why did they bother?" but some nice cars to choose from overall :)
  6. This. I do think there should be a way to disable the message from popping up every time if you so wish though.
  7. The RSS feed is a good way to find out what's already happened but maybe we could persuade some modders to let us know about upcoming mods in advance via the email address and generate a bit of hype for them etc. Plus with the email address, people could let us know about any events or threads they personally want us to publicise for them to generate some interest :) Also, I only just noticed this thread wasn't in the staff section, come on people, let us know what you want to see from us :D
  8. I think a difficulty we might have to face is that people have liked us for info about the Test Drive series and if we start posting up content irrelevant from that series we might lose fans rather than gain them. Saying that, I think the affiliated deals that have been posted are pushing us in the right direction and any news we can grab regarding other AAA games could help us engage a wider audience. I realise those points contradict each other, it sort of comes down to should we be sticking to the TD series, or go for that wider audience and start branching out a bit.
  9. Speed


    :welcome: Well as it happens... *click*
  10. Just had a look at our page stats on Facebook and linking to the content announcement of the TDU2 DLC tripled our weekly unique viewers which is great, so more of that might be the way forward. However obviously there isn't DLC to announce every week so not too sure about where we can go with that... Maybe just linking to other high profile gaming sites when news/ rumours are posted could better engage people.
  11. I have to agree, a very good, well balanced list. I really like the look of that Lytro camera at 6, never seen anything like it. And yes, Skyrim is also at the top of my list :)
  12. -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) -- You need to check that box when you make a poll if you want people's votes to be public, as far as I know we can't activate it after the voting has started.
  13. I only read it on Cracked the other day so I sort of knew where I was looking, still took a while trawling through my history though :)
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