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  1. I like this one. It perfectly embodies how I was totally unable to stay still in my 175hp Reliant Regal. :D (With sports suspension and a limited slip diff, it's actually quite fun!)
  2. I gave up after my game crashed to desktop for the second time, but have some screenshots I managed to get.
  3. I heard there's a barn find, but it's exclusive to Blizzard Mountain. I haven't bought Blizzard Mountain due to issues I've been having with car packs (i.e. every time the game updates, I lose access to more and more cars, even though I own a car pass).
  4. I'll join in if I can. I'm SupernautBB on xbox (even though I'm on PC).
  5. Euro Truck Simulator 2. Huge map, as long as you like driving trucks. There are mods that add cars, but they're a bit rubbish and just drive like small trucks. If you get a couple of the expansion DLCs (I think Going East and Scandanavia), you can then install a community-made mod called ProMods, which makes the map absolutely enormous, and even includes Iceland! There's even a multiplayer mod available, which is amusing (if somewhat chaotic).
  6. me™

    A Wafty Shed

    I really should post here more often. The Xantia continues to plod on uneventfully but extremely comfortably (seriously, everybody needs to experience a Hydropneumatic Citroen at some point). I chucked some Citroen C3 wheel trims on it a while back. I also recently flushed out the LHM fluid (the fluid that runs the suspension, steering and brakes) for some fresh stuff and it's now even more comfy and the steering is even lighter than it was before. It's generally very French and squishy and easy to drive at *ahem* kind of speeds. It's basically very good for going and visiting my parents at their farm, as I can drive along the bumpy, lumpy back roads by just sitting at the speed limit without even slowing down for the bumps, as it just absorbs them all. Part of me would love to tidy it up a bit, but that would require a fair bit of work, and it's not really worth it on this car (IMO) as it's worth so little. For one, it would need a replacement rear bumper, plus the left rear door (something funny is going on with the paint on that door).
  7. Well, I have it on PC now. Left it downloading all day when I went to work. Fired it up and it runs beautifully. I'm only running an i5 and a GTX970 and it looks STUNNING. I'm SupernautBB on xbox live if anybody wants to add me. I currently have a pearlescent green/purple Nissan Silvia for now.
  8. me™

    Das Shed.

    Ohai! Time for my side of the story, yes? We picked this up back on the 30th of July, and driving it 120 miles home with only half of an exhaust system was... amusing, actually! Proper pops and bangs on gearchanges! However, we got the exhaust sorted on the Saturday just past after a few hours of faffing about, and borrowing an angle grinder. Very over-engineered exhaust brackets rusted in place! The speedometer seems to be a bit 'sticky' in that it won't move up from 0 sometimes. However, a gentle tap with just two fingers on top of the dashboard fixes that! It also had a very erratic idle, but we put a full tank of fuel and a bottle of injector cleaner in after sorting the exhaust, and I went out for a drive on Sunday. I did about 90 miles between visiting a classic car show and dropping past my parents' farm. I then parked it up for a couple of days, and drove it to work today. It idles PERFECTLY now, and the speedometer sprung to life without any tapping required. I'm dropping it off for the welding work on the sill this afternoon. As Calster said, it's not quick, but it's a lot of fun to drive. I tightened up the throttle cable, and after watching a bit too much Initial D I've been driving it everywhere heel-toeing it into corners and trying to carry as much speed as possible around them, due to not having the power to speed up quickly again afterwards! Don't get me wrong though, it doesn't feel underpowered. It still revs freely and it feels like BMW have got the gearing just right for the engine. Hopefully the welding on the sill goes well tomorrow, then we can do some more work on it at some point. Not this weekend though. I'm giving my Xantia some love on Saturday, then we're going to watch the BTCC at Knockhill on Sunday. :D Well, I think Calster mentioned to me he might do some work himself. I may play a game and just park it in a random street 'somewhere' near my house on Saturday morning... Other items of note: Gearchange - It's difficult to get into 1st while cold and stationary, but while moving, it's fine. From about 5 minutes of googling earlier, it seems "they all do that, sir" is the general consensus. Gearbox oil change is probably on the cards though. Gearknob - (oo-er). It's a bit loose. I think it just needs one in better condition out of a scrap car. Again, from about 5 minutes of googling, it seems any manual BMW gearknob from the 90s-early 2000s will fit.
  9. me™

    A Wafty Shed

    Well, I wanted to try a hydropneumatic Citroen before they all died, so I got one! I have a to-do list for this car now. I need to replace the front accumulator sphere as it's clicking a bit. £30-odd for the sphere and I need a chain-type oil filter wrench to replace it. There's a square hole in the left rear wheel arch that goes into the sill. Common thing on these, so I need to fill it with rust treatment then seal it with a bit of plastic and some silicone sealant. I also need to grease up the control levers on the underside of the car. That consists of putting it at max height, crawling under with a toothbrush and some penetrating fluid, and hoping the car doesn't squish me (or I could put axle stands under it to make sure....) I'm also trying to get hold of some Citroen Berlingo centre caps for the wheels, just for a laugh. Anyway, this car will have some company from this weekend forwards... Me and Cal have gone halves on a super-cheap WINNER WAGON. All will be revealed in good time...
  10. me™

    A Wafty Shed

    I'm nowhere near as bad as him. I at least get rid of cars! He still has all of his!
  11. me™

    A Wafty Shed

    Yeah, I changed car again... Citroen Xantia 2.0 HDi SX. Completely standard except a stage 1 remap and a USB-equipped head unit. I love it! Cosmetically it's quite a shed, so I went a bit 'scene' and put pressed plates on it along with removing the wheel trims and putting some silly stickers on there. However, everything on it works, even the air con blows ice cold. Yes, it has the hydropneumatic suspension, and yes it is amazingly comfy to drive. It also has a rather cheeky bit of turbo whistle. :D
  12. me™

    OMG a Land Barge

    As Calster pointed out in my other thread, I've sold the snotmobile. I had my fun with it, but got bored with it. I've actually owned this car for a month now, whoops! I also haven't washed it at all in that time. Now, I have something with a V6 and an automatic gearbox, along with RWD and a fruity exhaust... No, really, the exhaust is mad. I got Calster to blip the throttle when I stood outside and it actually popped and banged. The best part? It cost me 3 figures with a year of MOT on it, and it seems to be in as good (if not better) condition than the Audi, and has about 10k miles less on the clocks. It's even 0.3 seconds quicker down the 1/4 mile! Sport mode on the gearbox is hilarious, it seems to have no mechanical sympathy for itself and almost hits the red line in every gear. I'm not sure how long I'll keep this. I like it, I really do, but part of me still has a strong hankering for a hot hatch. Then I drive the Omega and listen to that V6 and grin. I'm torn. For those interested, it's the 2.6 V6 in CD trim level. No leather seats, but veloooouuuur instead. Still has dual-zone climate control and all that jazz, plus awesome* fake wood trim!
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