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Status Updates posted by Camel

  1. Hey, thanks for that. I just checked and ours was made 12 days after the last date in the recall.
  2. How much do I owe you from my swear tub?
  3. I'm not sure. :hmmm: I forgot I even had this page!
  4. I didn't leave. :eek: :leaves:
  5. Youhavedownloaded.com :p My housemate likes them, I showed him that site a few days ago.
  7. I was away for the night. :oook:
  8. Hey Boob, send me a message when you want your proper name back.
  9. Hey there Boob, send me a message when you want your name back.
  10. Well hope you're feeling a bit better now though! I'm the one with the biiiig hangover now XD And Hogmawhat? :P
  11. You must have one biiiiiiig hangover. :cheeky:
  12. Stop double posting, I've merged several of your posts together for you to then the exact same thing again in new posts. You know how to edit a post so do it. If you double post again, the posts will be deleted.
  13. You didn't say that you didn't want it backwards. :cheeky:
  14. You'd get a better result asking a Apple to change your name. :cheeky: What do you want it changing to? I'll do it to spoil his fun. :p
  15. *poke* What did you want on MSN? I wasn't there Dx
  16. Or it could also be down to the browser too. The theme is designed for 1024x768 and anything newer than IE7. But there are quite a few bugs on different browsers and what not. Hopefully they'll be fixed shortly.
  17. *Gives a damn* We know about the issue on various phones and lower resolution monitors and I believe we may be working on it.
  18. I changed your name back out of spite? Now that would be quite difficult seeing as though when I last logged off of this forum your name was still what it is now. Not that I have the permissions to change any usernames on the forum anymore anyway. And the way you went behind more than 1 member of staffs back is quite disrespectful to say the least.
  19. Because you're an immature little child. You always have been and always will be.
  20. I know full well who he is. And I'm not an idiot, that is not why you want your name changing. You are not having your name changed.
  21. Immelmann? Sounds awfully familiar, coupled with the fact that you kept putting stuff like "Im Melman" in your user title at the time my name had been changed to Melman. I'm not changing your name as you have been rather annoying over the last year and no amount of asking will make me do it. Not to mention that we only usually change supporters names.
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