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  1. Nice to see you're still buying quality cars @calster17 ! Bloody hell it's been a while. Last time I posted I'd just bought a 350Z... unfortunately I sold the 350Z in August 2019 - I got a new job where I got a company car so I figured it didn't make sense leaving the Z in the garage never being driven. I quickly got bored of not having a fun car though so went in search of a MK1 MX-5, something cheap and old school fun. But then I went and won a Mk3 MX-5 on eBay which was right near my gfs house, so this is the 3rd one I've owned... ffs lol It's a 1.8 Niseko edition, I've done a few things to it but still lots to do... primarily, it needs lowering desperately! Looks like an SUV. This lockdown has slowed progress down considerably but anyway, here's a very dirty picture of her:
  2. Done a few little mods since I got her. Fitted a new exhaust backbox, opened up and painted the lights, smoked the tail lights, and most recently had it lowered by 45mm.
  3. Yep :lol: The expensive fun was over.. so time to return to cheap and chuckable fun! This one is a 2.0l PRHT (folding hardtop..) with all the mods and cons, the most important being heated seats :nuts:. The old one was a base model 1.8l so it's a fair step up in MX-5 world...
  4. I finally got my arse in gear and bought The Crew Wild Run on PC... Doesn't run too well at all :(
  5. Expensive... needs a fair bit of work tbh, but hell, it's amazing, I love it to bits, the sound is incredible :D
  6. Very accurate video... It's on the door and rear wing, quite badly on the rear wing. Gonna cost a fortune. Basically, where I work, there's a woman who always parks across 2 spaces, god knows why as she only drives a Fiesta, but I utilise this and park next to her (in 1 space) as it means no one can park next to me on one side. I usually park quite far over in the space, so there's plenty of room on the other side too. Maybe what happened is someone thought I parked like an idiot and forced her to park really far over, when that is not the case at all. Hopefully I can obtain CCTV from Police but I very very much doubt it.
  7. Well, someones gone to town with a key down the side of it today so fix that first I guess. The perks of owning a nice car....
  8. Hey! I found my car on Google Earth... :lol: And a slightly better picture...
  9. I'd love to move to Norway, recently went there to visit And3rs/safiro/whatever and cis4care, and its such a beautiful country... having roads like that and views like that right on your doorstep would be amazing. Although I doubt i'll ever be able to afford it!
  10. Because yolo! I guess, when I get my heart set on something, it's hard to not do it :eek: But yeah, they probably do. I'm keeping them in business single handedly! And thanks Cal! (Tesco ftw!)
  11. Thanks Myk! It's just a 2.7, insurance wouldn't have me on a 3.2 S (or a Cayman...), low spec but still pretty luxurious compared to the MX-5. It has a blue interior as well :D
  12. Excellent choice! I'm certain it'll put a smile on your face every time you get behind the wheel of it. :D
  13. It looks alright, but the car list is a bit slim. I thought the premium cars from GT5/6 were said to be PS4 quality anyway? So there should be close to 300 cars if that was the case.. unless they're purposely trimming it down and saving them for GT7. Anyway, the graphics are gorgeous and there are some nice cars in there, but not sure if it's worth buying a PS4 just for this game. Will have to see when more gameplay is shown....
  14. There's actually a good loop of roads above the city, can't remember what its called though.... (where 40 is)
  15. Lurvely! Makes me want to buy the game for PC... but price is a bit steep with Wild Run :eek:
  16. Mostly YouTube vloggers these days. Currently, I like to keep up with SeenThroughGlass, MrJWW and SupercarsOfLondon, who I'm sure you've all heard off... they sometimes hang out with Shmee150. They have good content and some very nice cars to show, especially MrJWW who has an F12 and a 911 GT3... and also used to have a gorgeous grey/yellow 458 Speciale. MrJWW: SeenThroughGlass: Otherwise I usually stick to Facebook and find a lot of car info and stuff off CarThrottle.
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