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  1. ok folks tdu 2 as been confirmed and since this website has altered its textual graphical logo to match the new game im feeling very excited and starting to turn my attention towards tdu toolkit II
  2. theres a new link in the sticky on pc forum for tdu...
  3. OK folks the domain name for wolfs-hideout will run out very shortly instead of renewing this domain name we are transferring all relevant websites to the following link... so i would suggest whilst the old one will still work for a short while you all start using this new one... http://www.wolf.lightning-bolt.net/ once you click that link everything on thier will still work in the same way as it did before, thankyou... as soon as tdu2 hits the shelf i will begin to redesign a new website on a new domain name that will address this section. i understand people are still sending me emails to join the PC based clan we had running, can i just remind everyone again that it is NO longer running... finally the TDU FAQ section will be revamped when the squel is lanched to fit with tdu2 and the present FAQ(tdu`1) will be removed, this is also the reason whilst it hasnt been updated for a long time... FINALLY!!! As for the PC version of the TDU-Toolkit i no longer have any involvement with it and desrat has taken full control of the software, however i will probably be doing a few things for the 360 at a later date... anyway ive had a drink but i think thats all i need to mention at this time so take care folks... and dont forget start using our new URL link as of now... ive already had the email saying wolfs-hideout is going to be closed down..
  4. you missed one out... straight ahead = continous beep.... (until instructed otherwise)...
  5. well evel mate it has me stumped... i would at this point suggest you might have a faulty wheel, but you claim it worked fine before updating the profiler... and the latest software works for others as this thread proves, so i dont know what else to suggest to you mate. i no longer have a G25 so i cant run some tests for you or anything like that... Goodluck with it !!!
  6. or download the TDU-Toolkit, and use the bookmark installer program to gain access to it before ranking up... :)
  7. Hey Baldred found my original thread i losted it... i bet he moved it too... ;LOL and thanks for the answer twM - mind you not the answer i wanted to hear :) because i have 7profiles (£280 per year) what a con !!!
  8. have you tried resetting the game controls to default and then re-entering them all... might work worth a try!!!
  9. Question1: If i upgrade my free trial "XboxLive Gold" using a 12mnth subscripition voucher, will all my xbox profiles be able to play online or just the account that i choose to upgrade ? Im asking as i need to know before i go to shop, i want to know if i need one or two vouchers!!!
  10. Bring on the full game i cant wait, played te demo and fell in love with it...
  11. Q. If i upgrade one of my profiles from the Free Mnths Gold Trail , using a 12mnth voucher will all my profiles have access to online gaming or just the one i upgrade ?
  12. ok TDU does have autoclutch, well im off to play tdu on my xbox none of this clutch problems for me.... i dont have one :) i must admit i miss the G25 a little.... i miss my flight stick and BF2 most though...
  13. 1. make sure combines axis is disabled... 2. im not really a person to quit helping someone part way through... but i really have to go bed http://forums.logitech.com/logitech/search?submitted=true&type=message&sort_by=score&q=g25+clutch&page_size=50 click that link and every logitech customer with a clutch related problem who has posted on they supprt pages is in there... i log on 2moro and try help some more.. try to to panic - anything can be fixed, even my behaviour (so i know we can fix your problem) :)
  14. Installation instructions for G25 Profiler Software... 1. remove all logitech G25 software 2. reboot computer 3. download latest G25 profiler software 4. install it (follow on screen instructions) 5. reboot Launch Test Drive Unlimited... 1. goto options and assign button commands to all relevant pedals, wheel motions BE ADVISED!!! certain cars that use paddle shifter in test drive unlimited, dont require a clutch... you change gear in these cars using the metal shifters behind the wheel... test drive unlimited was designed with the G25 wheel in mind they go hand in hand... test drive unlimited does not require an update in order for use with a G25 wheel test drive unlimited doesnt have autoclutch i think, however other ingame settings can cause same effects
  15. SOUNDS DAFT!!! have you assigned the clutch to a command ingame ???
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