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  1. Okay, thanks for letting me know. I don't mind waiting for a bit, it's not like it's the end of the world :p
  2. Any possibility that I can get an invite? :D
  3. Awesome choice! The 300 SRT-8 is a beast of a car. I've been in a few of them and driven one myself, put a smile on my face every time.
  4. Has anybody else experienced insane amounts of lag when getting on Eden Island? As soon as I got there, I just started lagging like crazy so then I just left.
  5. 21 hours is nothing. :p I spent months stuck at 99% in TDU1. The way I got it in Ibiza is by zooming in all the way and following each and every road. The road stated by CV and Ryzza was the one I was missing. Make sure you have that one, since I found it by accident while driving in that area.
  6. I'm at 525 G right now, but the last achievement i got was almost a week ago. Been driving a lot more since then.
  7. Like everyone else, I'd like it to come out as soon as possible..because of the corrupt saves, I've become very paranoid when saving/turning my Xbox off. :p
  8. I think it would have been better if they never mentioned a patch because people wouldn't be complaining about how long it's taking to get approved and they would be happy to see a patch appear out of nowhere.
  9. Personally, the reason why the game got boring is the physics/handling. There is no sense of speed and all of the cars feel the same. Also, I found accelerating to be more of a chore rather than a pleasure and that when I had to brake, it wouldn't gently slow down (even when I apply the smallest amount of braking), it would brake weirdly and feels unnatural. This is all while driving in the bumber view. I find the Cockpit unusable because of the head turning, No indicators, tint in the windshield (I find this very funny since because you have to be a complete moron to tint your front windshield in real life and they have it in here), and most importantly-the lack of an adjustable seat. It really takes a lot of fun out. Those pretty much make the cockpit useless thus making the game pretty boring for me. Then there's the championships which weren't too hard nor too difficult. The fact that the NPCs talking/repetition/lack of excitement made me have to force myself to do the races rather than enjoying it myself. Finally, the first thing I said when I finished the last cup on Hawaii was ,"What do I do now?" After you finish the championships, other than exploring, theres really not much to do especially with all of the online issues. Sorry if this seemed like a complaint list, but those are what's making me bored with this game.
  10. You say that because you play on the PC, what about us who play on the Xbox 360/PS3? We prefer DLCs (and A LOT of them) since that's pretty much the only way for us to get new cars.
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