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  1. It was a short session for me (Sorry for being late). But it was nice.. Thanks fellas.
  2. I accepted your request :) Right now I am getting a "Failed to connect to proxy" error :/ hmm.. Anyways, it is downloading the last 9 gb :P I'll let it finish.. Downloading at 10 MB/s .. so it should take around 16-19 min to complete :)
  3. This is a different car to drive.. My entry for this round :) Laptime: 1:37.456 Scoreboard Take it easy this time guys! :P
  4. Not bad Sliumba. Great laptime. Some really good competition on this one ;)
  5. Oh, well done buddy. The competition has indeed become a bit more intense now. :D Also waiting to see Ryzza's entry on this one..
  6. Some nice competition guys, well done.. My time for now (Not sure I'll bother change it) 1:41:118 (I think, the scoreboard isn't updated as I'm posting this) [ATTACH]20752[/ATTACH] *Figured I should update my lap-time [ATTACH]20755[/ATTACH]
  7. Interesting, I'll give this a try .. And I take it that the Deadline for this is on the 17th? or?
  8. Aww.. have been too busy to set a new lap time.. Next time will be with the settings Ryzza proposed of course.
  9. Yup, dw, it has been reported :) Hehe, yea - I am glad you understand :)
  10. Alright alright Ryzza :) I'll try to do one without assists as well. Haha, so I guess I have to re-earn that respect lol. ;) As for The Crew and driving aids - We found out that it was a bit buggy. I usually prefer driving in minimum Sports mode (and switch to hardcore mode as well), but we had a chance to test it, and we found out that from launch, driving aids was giving the best results, I prefer not to have TC on and all those limitations, but in The Crew, it was annoying that in a drag race where we compared the different modes, the car with driving aids could always launch way ahead everytime - and it wasn't like the car driving in sports mode was doing any wheel spin or burnouts (There was enough grip) - So it was really strange, and therefore we decided not to put that handicap on ourselves for no reason. But there shall be no doubts - I always prefer Sports/HC mode.
  11. Nice times guys.. Well done.. :) My time was 3:46:7xx (Maybe :701) - Nothing special, but this will have to do for now :) Here's the video.
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