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  1. V12 Vantage LP 550-2 M600 ZO6 Viper Exige While it's true manuals are disappearing they aren't quite gone from all the fast stuff, yet.
  2. Ah, I heard that was rolling around prior to the GP, nice catch indeed. -
  3. A reason to be thankful for only being a member of 5 years.
  4. They see me rollin', they hatin'.
  5. Sometimes not having a social life to lose is a great benefit.
  6. T1M

    Happy birthday :)
  7. Are Mansory cars the only things in Serbia? That I said, I've not seen those particular two.
  8. t.

    Post your photos

    I honestly thought you had a 5D... not some 400D :|
  9. I saw a Bugatti. It was quite nice. I enjoyed it very much. Ettore Bugatti by tWm., on Flickr Bai.
  10. There are certain things that are just awesome. An Abarth 500 with a 2.4L Hayabusa V8 is one of them.
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