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  1. Starbuzz

    Dream garage! (if only TDU had this...)

    Some of them maybe kit cars...but still lol so awesome! I could pick all the girls up in the city with these babies...LOL
  2. I been watching F1 since 5 years old and I tell ya 2008 was the season to watch...it was sooo heart-wrenching till the last corner. I was so happy Lewis and McLaren won as I was devasted by what happend in 2007.
  3. Starbuzz

    2009 F1 Cars

    The 2009 spec cars look beautiful especially the McLaren...McLaren's my team! GO GO!
  4. Starbuzz

    Starbuzz here hello all!

    Thank you all mates for your welcome!! :) I will enjoy it here for sure...!
  5. Starbuzz

    Starbuzz here hello all!

    TY mate! I love this game and the freedom for driving it gives :)
  6. Starbuzz

    Evel's Photo Album

    wow very nice pictures! wow...the XBOX and PC versions are way too cooler. I need to get me a XBOX or better PC... Excellent shots, m8!
  7. Hi all! My nick in-game is Starbuzz...my name is Marc. I have a long story to tell and kinda bad lol... So I got TDU for PS2 in Nov of 2007. But around March 2008...I got frustrated with it cuz I was always losing the Coastal Dream race (thats goes way around the island for 45 mins)... So after my 9th attempt, I took my CD out of the console and broke it into a hundred pieces! AM I not such a sore loser?!!! hahaha...well, I bought another copy of the game and finally beat that race! haha...now I got a good connection and am online often! Just today I went online for the first time and had some good race with JASONMARPLE and oh no I forgot his nick! :( Anyway, I am glad to be here (a bit late :(...) but maybe together for the next version of TDU! Cheers... Marc
  8. Starbuzz

    How did you find us?

    I have the habit of getting involved in the forum community of any game that inspires me to fall in love with it. There are only 2 games like that so far and TDU is one of them. Glad to be here!