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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gr-GK6mOs0E
  2. I'm meh on the situation... Personally i'm not an overly big fan of modern forum software, they all look too similar and soulless. Nice to see you'll be themeing it better though :).
  3. iRacing - Global Rallycross @ Iowa Speedway ^Click to Enlarge^ I Highly recommend that anyone into any form of simracing try the iRacing Rallycross, it's soo much fun. They are currently having a deal for new members, 3 Monts for $5 with the code "PR-GRC". To get started in Rallycross requires no extra purchase, it comes with 2 tracks and a car free.
  4. That corner is probally one of my favourites on the Nurburgring... F-Type GT3 ^Click to Enlarge^ I'm suprised there hasn't been a real Jaguar F-Type GT3 built yet.
  5. M6 GT3 ^Click to Enlarge^ It's been a while.
  6. The Streets of Tokyo ^Click to Enlarge^ Really pleased with how these came out.
  7. Before the Race ^Click to Enlarge^ I loving the livery editor at the minute. My favourite liveries are probally the white Mazdas. The editor could do with a few tweaks though.
  8. Works really well with a controller, if you know what you're doing you can be pretty quick with one. Car handling feels nice with them with the way the controller is set up. Overall improvments is generally the online mode, proper racing in official servers means generally no latency. Graphics are massivley improved too, almost all the photos i've taken show essentially what the graphics actually look like while racing. It's rather pretty. And as I mentioned, livery editor is a welcome addition over old GT games. I'd say in some respects it's better than the one in Forza. All that is needed is some additions for better placement of items like a grid or some co-ordinates/rotation info. I see GT Sport as more of a spinoff game like the GT Concept games, everyone knew what it would be and should have set their expectation accordingly. Something else i'm seeing to is a rather large amount of people who didn't do basic research about the game then complain about it not having a career mode and such.
  9. Pretty good. Handling feels nice and how I expect, just takes a small bit of time to get used too. Online racing is soo much better than in any other console racer. Going the iRacing route makes it much much cleaner. The photomode is still a little bit fiddly. Livery editor is a welcome addition finally aswell.
  10. S-FR Racing ^Click to Enlarge^ Quite a fun little car.
  11. Another Atenza ^Click to Enlarge^ I like how this paint turned out.
  12. RCZ GT3 ^Click to Enlarge^ I really do like these semi fictional GT3 spec cars.
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