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  1. Thanks! Haha, I'm amazed that I live here sometimes. Well, all the time, if I'm honest. :) And wasn't your old Toyota manual? And thanks. :) My commercial work this year has just been local towns and stuff so far, but I'm currently in the middle of scheduling a few films for a Land Rover off road school, which should be interesting. -Leadfoot
  2. I was trying to find car shows to hit on the way back, but ended up doing it midweek, so nothing was going on. Maybe that's for the better, though; with the clutch issue, who knows what extra stops would have done. Thanks! And I don't think I would ever be able to convince myself to buy an automatic car, at least not unless I had something manual as well. Of course, that makes it difficult when the car I'm looking for is an '80s executive GT made for cruising highways haha, but it was worth the search for a stick. :) -Leadfoot
  3. Guess it takes certain changes in medium to capture the true feeling? ;) Thanks! :D -Leadfoot
  4. My own car, this time. 1986 635CSi. I picked it up in West Virginia a few weeks ago and drove it back 600 miles to Vermont. The clutch stopped disengaging halfway through, but other than that, it was fine. :eek: I absolutely love it, though. :D -Leadfoot
  5. Haha, thanks. :) I'll try to keep everyone updated (not that I have too much planned right now, but there are a few things that might change). -Leadfoot
  6. Thanks. Yeah, it's a clean car. Originally from Georgia (meaning no snowy winters and no road salt), so there's no rust, and the interior is in excellent shape. And yeah, my dad won't be able to drive it without extensive modification. :( But he likes new cars better anyway (he's been skeptical of the whole process buying this one, and keeps reminding me that the '80s weren't the peak of automotive reliability haha). Yeah, I had to drive down to West Virginia (1250 miles round trip) to pick it up, but the result is that WOW is it in good shape. Final price was $5400, then plu
  7. Yeah, I'm still in that phase too haha. I don't actually have too many pics, as the leaves aren't out yet and the car is already in for a master cylinder (not too bad, and should be out by next week). But there will be a better photoshoot/video soon. -Leadfoot
  8. Ah, that old BMW smell... I love it. :D -Leadfoot
  9. Does it count as spotted if I didn't technically own it at the time? ;) (And sorry for the iPhone picture, my camera was stowed at the time.) More will come soon, but probably not in this thread. Also, hopefully I can get some nice shots of the ZL1 Camaro convertible currently residing at the local Chevy dealer. :eek: -Leadfoot
  10. How times have changed since I last visited this thread... :hmmm: Nice work, guys. Glad to see this game is still alive. :thumbsup: -Leadfoot
  11. I wanted to film something on a school snowday a couple of weeks ago, so a friend of mine and I went out on a 0-degree F (-17C) day and filmed this (him driving, me filming): I know this one isn't much, but I at least have something planned for a couple of weeks from now. That one should be big. ;) -Leadfoot
  12. Back from Europe (was in Italy and France the last ten days - incredible stuff). Among other things, I was able to finally see the countries where some members here live. Very awesome and enlightening. As an aside, several cool cars were spotted (a few of which I will post here). More to come later! Whoa. -Leadfoot
  13. About James' segment in the most recent episode... As someone who has driven a 2013 Range Rover off road (a couple months before it was released, I should add), I'm very surprised it won (although I suspect that had more to do with Top Gear and Range Rover sharing a home country than that vehicle's offroad capabilities). You have to go very slowly over rocky ground like that, and although the thing can basically drive itself over those patches, it only does so at under 10 mph. A hugely impressive vehicle, though. -Leadfoot
  14. This should help you a bit.

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