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  1. I did try that. Unpacked, installed 0.4 and the new cars didn't show up.
  2. I tried that as well but same issue. My understanding of it is that the 0.4 version is for the steam version which I do not have as mine is retail.
  3. Omg when did I last post here? Anyway, got back into TDU2, got the retail version so I used the retail download link. The thread says 0.1b while thread says 0.1c but with it installed, I can't see all the cars like the Aventador etc. The dealership positions are right, however, just the extra cars are missing. And yes, I have installed it right.
  4. eXile, 2 lucky jims :/ I completely forgot about this until just now...I was busy installing a mod for Arma2 :(
  5. Is it a bad time to say that I got it in 3 spins? On both the Beta AND the Full version? >.<
  6. Sorry for the no show, I had been busy all night and completely missed the time.
  7. If I'm allowed, with you lot looking for a server, I have one. Static ca1.minecraftbox.com:25566 It's down at the time of typing but should be up by tomorrow this time
  8. I think about 150 miles on my super sport >.< However, in TDU1, I have over 800 DRIFT ONLY miles on my TVR 440R :D
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