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  1. I did try that. Unpacked, installed 0.4 and the new cars didn't show up.
  2. I tried that as well but same issue. My understanding of it is that the 0.4 version is for the steam version which I do not have as mine is retail.
  3. Omg when did I last post here? Anyway, got back into TDU2, got the retail version so I used the retail download link. The thread says 0.1b while thread says 0.1c but with it installed, I can't see all the cars like the Aventador etc. The dealership positions are right, however, just the extra cars are missing. And yes, I have installed it right.
  4. eXile, 2 lucky jims :/ I completely forgot about this until just now...I was busy installing a mod for Arma2 :(
  5. Is it a bad time to say that I got it in 3 spins? On both the Beta AND the Full version? >.<
  6. Sorry for the no show, I had been busy all night and completely missed the time.
  7. If I'm allowed, with you lot looking for a server, I have one. Static ca1.minecraftbox.com:25566 It's down at the time of typing but should be up by tomorrow this time
  8. I think about 150 miles on my super sport >.< However, in TDU1, I have over 800 DRIFT ONLY miles on my TVR 440R :D
  9. Last night was a lot of fun (bar the lighthouse run, many will remember my reaction) but me owning all in the drags and then doing the tunnel runs, god the zondas and the CCXR have incredible sounds, not as good as my AC Cobra ;)
  10. Can you take me off the saturday list please? somethings come up and i'm changing to sunday
  11. I'm changing from saturday to sunday due to something coming up on saturday, might try to lucky jim saturday at around 9ish if i get my timezone conversion right
  12. I'm ok for tomorrow so keep me on the reserved list please until a spot opens up, then put me in it :)
  13. Hey, I'll manage, if I'm about to hit someone, I'll throttle and spin out :thumbsup:
  14. Put me on the waiting list please, Will hopefully get a lucky jim
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