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  1. Hi all.. Since i bought TDU e haven't being able to play it normally.. I having that bad connection symbol on everybody.. and vice versa.. I've deleted radical.cdb and deleted cdkey.txt.. :oook: I also done this: http://forums.eu.atari.com/showthread.php?t=52982 My modem is a SpeedTouch 516 v6(:mad:), and i don't know what else to do.. Any ideas well be appreciated.. Thanks in advance guys:)
  2. sure.. just let me know when.. and how.. :p
  3. Hi all.. I'm new in TDU world.. I could use some help to get started on this, and meet some people too.. I'm a little stuck atm :oook: Carboy suggested me to come here .. He said ur' kool guys lool.. thanks in advance.. :cool:
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