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  1. I will like to try this mod, but it wont even start on my PC.:confused: Everything that should be enabled in windows as you described, is enabled. Windows7 here 64x...tool just want start. Click twice on it to start, it immediately close.
  2. Just like you unpack the file. Instead of press "unpack all", press "repack". Than place the commonworld.bnk back to its place which is Euro/Bnk/islands/ibiza/level
  3. IBIZA ROADS -New textures for whole island of Ibiza. -Every Asphalt texture changed to Photoreal textures, dirt roads remains the same. BIG THANKS for help and tweaking goes to: Jorgemodek, Minime891 SPECIAL THANKS for beeing "lab rabbit":D goes to: Tomo How to install: Since someone making other mods, which is a part of this file, commonworld.bnk, i'll put only road files for download. What u need is: DJEY MiniBnk manager ( to unpack/repack commonworld.bnk ) -Go to the Euro/Bnk/islands/ibiza/level -MAKE A BACKUP of commonworld.bnk! -Unpack commo
  4. hi can u make a mod for a white ferrari f430 spider please?

  5. Carbon Fibre, Leather, Moket, Brake Discs, Plates, Bump Map textures... Everything is new, modders who use materials for the interior from default TDU files, which i think they should, have Hi Res textures (photoreal) within this file. Default textures are 128x128, those are 512x512. Here is how Scuderia look now: -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) -- -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) -- Here is file: common_car.rar | Game Front
  6. Great car...great mod...thumbs up! Now we need this...Jorge are you there?:D
  7. Nope, view's are still the same. If you use TDU cam hack, and move it all the way to the left for example, than turn the"head" with your mouse you will see that there is no head on the avatar in cockpit view. But for some reason, if you use cam hack, and move position too far back, there is head which standing on the way. That's the reason why Racer_S in ver 1.3.1 put FOV (Field of view) option, which unfortunately not work with this version of game. Also that FOV option can give you much more "feel of speed". Till someone fix 1.3.1 to work with DLC2, 1.2. is only option. Better something
  8. It's down for a while, that's why i put direct download link in post above.
  9. If it's Norton or Kaspersky, those two mentioned will one day recognize them self as a virus. Double checked with NOD32 in both normal and safe mod, file is clean.;) EDIT: I just saw your link...i knew it was Kaspersky. False alarm 1000%!
  10. HEADS UP! Prevoius version of Camera Hack, version 1.2 WORK with new DLC2!:thumbsup: Here it is in case that someone need it: http://www.tocaedit.com/dl/tdu2cam12.zip
  11. Yeap...i've used to this mod so much, and since DLC2 is out i don't even play it.:( Default views are just rubbish, even bikes have totally wrong view. Someone need to fix this ASAP.
  12. Can someone make this work with DLC2? Cause it's not working with new exe.
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