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  1. TDU2 would have been fine if it just felt like TDU1 to drive. Map was big enough and the car list was better than The Crew.
  2. Haven't played it much recently, it's not the tdu3 I'd hoped for.. Mainly as no one seems interested in cruising but then the game theme isn't really set up for it, too grimy if that makes sense. Ah well, maybe one day
  3. Yes you can, buy a colour for any of your other cars (that you can paint) and you can apply it to the rest of your cars for free, same for stickers. Once tuned I found the 8c and Maserati quite easy to drift.
  4. I ended up buying the Season Pass in the end but the 458 is a bit useless and sounds funny (bit like the Miura). The 12c is epic though even splashed out on some iridescent paint for the circuit spec. Doing the send friends thing brings in the cash but the cost of tuning all your cars to over 1000 is really high or you can do jump skill repeatedly and keep changing cars.
  5. Yeh been doing the faction grind and it does bring in the cash. I've done the story bit and have to say am now quite happy with the wheel setup (G27). Just waiting for the online bit to take off really, with such a poor chat interface you never really talk to anyone so cruises haven't happened for me since the tahoe/seattle run we did. I have done a bit of pvp but you'd barely know you're racing against other humans. We need to get the cruising side going.... Btw Oz, does your G27 work ok in TDU? Can't get the throttle working properly, it's just an on/off switch atm
  6. Overall, I like it but it's not the TDU 3 I was hoping for but it is the closest yet. If the devs are still listening then we may see patches that fix some of what's wrong. My fear is it will be another TDU2 and they just abandon it and move on to something else. I have got the wheel sorted now and it does actually feel really good. I'm progressing at the moment but currently there is probably only another couple of cars that I a: want and b: could realistically afford. Did anyone buy either the Aston or the muira? Is it just me or is the engine sound really broken for those two?
  7. Well my G27 arrived today but it's still not all plain sailing.. Cannot get a wheel setting I'm happy with. Seems like you turn the the wheel a bit and nothing happens (you can even see this while looking at your wheels) then turn a bit more and whoops full lock. Weirdly though I think I have other problems. Newest logitech software doesn't see the wheel, but the old version I was running with the g25 does but when I launched tdu and went to set up the wheel on there it wouldn't map the pedals saying press only one button! Tried it with combined pedals on and off... same result.
  8. Well new power supply arrived for my poorly G25 and..... it wasn't the power supply :( So... Are these G27's any good?
  9. At least you get to do them again... one way of earning some cash :) Overall, I'm reasonably happy with the handling... it's almost there and the snow and dirt spec is certainly fun. The map IS huge and truly open world. The storyline is a bit meh but that's not really anything new. My ideal TDU replacement would probably have this: The storyline (such as it was) from TDU1. Not intrusive or compulsory but there was a progression to following it and I liked buying houses, clothes etc. I liked choosing an avatar; driving round in The Crew with a cross between that bloke from Breaking Bad and Gordon from Half Life doesn't do it for me. The cars from TDU1; ok so updated but with that sort of scope with some offroad options like TDU2 but in no way handling like TDU2. I liked the bikes in TDU but could live without them. Handling would be somewhere between TDU1, The Crew and dare I say it... Flatout? Or the original Carmageddon!! Seems funny to think how old that game is but even with a keyboard, the cars felt great. I liked the mission bits from both TDU 1 and 2 but the storyline just annoyed me; "Apparently the Wilder brothers are squabbling with Stewart" *shivers* Graphically, The Crew looks ok but nothing more than that, I remember being impressed with the first and second TDU - but I still remember seeing Carmageddon for the first time with the Voodoo patch applied and thinking WOW! Sound wise, The Crew is ok but not sure where the logic came from to make EVERY CAR sound like its clutch is slipping every time you change gear. Tuning I'm not really fussed about and I don't really see the point unless they are going full sim with it where you actually have options that will affect the way the cars works in different environments. I guess The Crew kind of has this but all you really do is slap on the highest level part you have in each category. If you want to do it properly, you'd need some kind of trade off where adding too much in one direction, diminishes something else... Not probably something that I would be bothered with though. Customising is fine in a game but don't tell me it's a major part of the game and then not let me paint the damn thing. I quite liked NFS:MW for this. TDU2 was ok but the method of applying stuff was too hit and miss to make it worth spending hours making art. Place sticker in the air and rotate car to position it?? I think time will tell if The Crew finds its place as an epic cruising game (which is what I wanted more than anything else the game could potentially offer) but certainly Saturday morning did feel very much like old times so fingers crossed....
  10. Given the fact the game seems so heavily concerned with customising, why can't I paint my damn Maserati? Although I did manage to paint the Alfa. It wouldn't let me after I bought it but today I could choose from 2 metallic colours (hardly extensive choice although they were gunmetal grey or metallic blue which would have been my choices anyway) I think its highly likely my car collection will be mainly exotic full stocks rather than gaudy tricked out perf spec versions so I don't see why I can't at least paint the damn thing. I wouldn't want a big silly rear wing and a carbon fibre bonnet on them anyway. Have noticed some strange bugs, like when you do the first dirt race, I rocked up in my 8c and it said I needed a street spec car so it switched to my highest ranked street spec car, showed me arriving at the race in it, getting out and getting into a Nissan! ...so I didn't need a street spec then? Wouldn't mind but at the end of the race, did it put me back in my 8c.... No. Have to say the missions where you're being chased annoy me too, I'm escaping from 3 big sedan looking things in a Ford GT but they somehow can keep up. And one of them managed a pit manouevre on me by hitting the front of my car with the rear of his!?!! Is that even physically possible? More annoying is this always puts you in some massive slide you can't recover from... the only way really is find a straight road and run away. I did make it to Dirt Spec and spent most of my crew credits on aforementioned Maserati but also bought a Focus RS which I've have Dirt specced and that's a lot of fun. Also found the ski jump and spent quite a while there with some others doing Eddie the Eagle impersonations and the drifting is good fun on the snow. I think The Crew could be a good cruising game, I just wish it was more focused around beautiful cars and the open road than lame Fast and Furious style cars and tuning.
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