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  1. Thanks man.. got ur message there. much appreciated. :)
  2. hell yeah man.. that would be an offer I wouldn't say no to..
  3. Hey guys.. here's another tribute to TDU on youtube for viewing. Check it out in high quality if you can.. enjoy!
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tRWRSfcDuQ&feature=related
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3U0udLH974&feature=related
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UtqjmuUaYXA
  7. ok will make party on xbox.
  8. what you mean??.. I'm not sure i quite get it..
  9. yeah there u go.. keep hitting F5 to refresh the page.. cool.. hey thats a good coffee..
  10. do the message windows refresh automatically? or do i keep hitting F5?
  11. indeed.. white with two.. thankyou..
  12. naaa.. just worked out that the sig image permissions is off..
  13. how do i get my sig photo up.. can you post me the code i need to use?
  14. Well ello there you.. :) fancy meeting you here..
  15. thanks Diablo.. that's what i'm after..
  16. Thanks guys.. appreciate the feedback.;) I'd like to do another one soon and I'm interested to know if anyone knows where I could find more quality game footage or trailers that I can "borrow".. Blitz
  17. Hey Guys. For anyone who's interested I've uploaded a Test Drive Unlimited Tribute video to YouTube. I've edited this from a bunch of trailers and walkthroughs. Watch in high quality if possible.. Enjoy! CLICK HERE:
  18. Blitz3000


    If I had the choice you have I'd go for the Sony.. Hey man.. why don't you get an iPhone??
  19. Hey man... I'll send you a friend request.. If you see me online just jump in.. I'm not that selective about who I drive with. I'll drive with anyone in TDU. I just love the game. also our timezones may be a little closer than the UK..
  20. g'day and :welcome: Which platform do you play TDU on?? If you're on the xbox I'll send u a friend request.. Also get ready to duck....
  21. It took a month to get delivered because I had ordered it from a distributer who failed to tell me that their entire order was going to large retailers and not the public so had to wait for a second shipment to make it to Australia.. The joys of living in a country with so few people and so far away from everything else. also I jail-broke it last night and downloaded a bunch of games and most of them are pretty lame. There are some really cool apps but don't expect groundbraking games.. Some of the best games are the one that make use of the internal acceleromiter.. but now i'm starting to show my true geekness.. I'm outa here..
  22. I've just bought the 32GB Ipod Touch.. It took a month to be delivered and had several dead pixels on the screen, and then took two weeks to get replace. It's working a treat now and am loving it.. I'm going to jail break it today and load up some cool apps.. I've also been ripping TDU video from youtube and converting them to watch on the bus on the way home from work.. I love my iTouch!!!
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